Troll And I Trailer Promises A Scandinavian Fantasy Adventure On March 21st
Troll and I

Maximum Games released a new trailer for the upcoming adventure game Troll And I. The title sees players in control of a young boy in Scandinavia named Otto who befriends a giant troll named Troll.

The two end up fleeing when hunters come and rip asunder Otto’s home. This leads Otto and the troll on a great adventure together as they attempt to outpace the hunters, battle against the awakened evil from the old times, and face off against knolls and orcs. You can check out the new trailer for the game, due out for home consoles and PC, below.

The game’s trailer appears to offer a mixed bag of quality. The animations are obviously hand-animated given that motion capture or performance capture is a far more expensive endeavor reserved only for the AAA studios. And while the hand animations are forgivable, I do hope that the combat is at least smooth.

Vigil Games proved that hand-animating characters in Darksiders doesn’t mean that they have to be stiff, disjointed or have clunky movements, but can be just the opposite. We haven’t seen much of the game’s combat, so hopefully it turns out okay.

Story wise, Troll And I looks interesting. It reminds me of a modern day time version of The Last Guardian, just with far less nuance to the story. It also reminds me of Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom for the Xbox 360 and PS3 from last gen.

It’s pretty obvious it’s going for the greedy capitalists ruining nature cliche, but how it all unfolds could determine how well gamers take to the story and characters.

The gameplay premise is at least very interesting, mixing in combat both for the boy and the troll, as well as giving players an opportunity to solve puzzles throughout the levels. It’s tough to tell if there will be platforming involved but we’ll likely get to see more leading up to the game’s release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on March 21st.

For more info on the game you can visit the official website.


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