For Honor’s Closed Beta Starts On Jan 26th For Xbox One, PS4, PC

Do you want to play For Honor early? If so and you have your preferred platform fired up to play Ubisoft’s forth coming melee-based fighting game, you should be happy to know that the game will receive a Closed Beta starting on January 26th and will end on January 29th. For Honor is set to come out on February 14th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Taking to the Ubiblog, Chris Watters brought forth information regarding For Honor’s Closed Beta sign-up window and when the game will receive said test. This will take place in the next couple of weeks allowing fans on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC to join-in on the test session come January 26th.

I’m not sure if this Closed Beta will see an extension like other Betas for players to help fix balancing and other issues that may be lurking around, but what is known is that the Closed Beta will only last for three days starting on said date and ending on the 29th of this month.

If you want to know more regarding the “brutal melee combat” game, the writer who took to the blog provided additional information detailing what else folks can expect when the Closed Beta rolls around:

“During the Closed Beta, players can also dive into War of the Factions and get a taste of the overarching conflict between the three warring groups. War of the Factions will track every match across all platforms during the Closed Beta, and players will be rewarded for fighting for their factions (with extra spoils going to the victorious faction). Additional rewards will also be given to those that participate in the Closed Beta. Both sets of rewards will transfer over to the full game at launch.”

Giving a small taste of the game, but not actual in-game footage, Ubisoft released this new cinematic trailer for the Closed Beta that stands as an announcement for the upcoming session.

If you are ready to sign up you can hit up If you want to learn more pertaining to the Closed Beta and seek to read the full post on Ubiblog you can head on over to


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