UnDungeon Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Complex Action-RPG

Developers Laughing Machines, has created a really cool concept with their new action RPG, Undungeon.

The story follows seven different immortal heralds that are traveling the ruins of a new planet, after a cosmic shift takes place that fuses their seven different worlds together into a single new world.

Undungeon is a game that is exploring the concept of the multiverse theory, where there are different versions of our planet in alternate realities, all existing parallel to one another. If you watch the TV show The Flash on the CW, then you will be no stranger to the Multiverse theory as they talk about it quite often whenever Barry Allen travels to the different versions of Earth.

However, imagine that there are very powerful godlike beings in the universe, and imagine that a Cosmic Shift happens that begins to force the different worlds that occupy the same space throughout the different realities into a single world. In the quote below, the developers describe how it works in the game.

What if one variation of our Earth was inhabited by aliens long before the appearance of homosapiens? What if, in another dimension, the evolution went a completely different way? And somewhere else again, common physical laws don’t work as you’d expect?


No matter how dissimilar they are, The Shift brought them all together into a single melting pot.

Take a look at the story trailer that I linked below trailer that explains the story and introduces a few of the characters.

Man, that soundtrack is awesome! So, what exactly happens next? What happens now that all these worlds are together? I’m not quite sure, I guess we’ll have to play to find out!

In Undungeon, You will be able to play as one of the seven beings, each having a unique set of skills and abilities that you can use in their real time combat system. The game is set in an isometric, Rogue-Like world, with randomly generated maps that change every time you play the game, and 2D pixel art graphics.

If you die you will resurrect, however the world will shift again and everything will change, erasing any progress you made. In this way, the developers say that the game features perma-death because you will lose any exploration progress made upon your death.

This game would sound extremely unique to me if I saw this for the first time, however I reviewed Moon Hunters early last year, and the two concepts and art styles are very similar. I just hope that Undungeon has a longer storyline than Moon Hunters, which was only about two and a half hours long from start to finish for each playthrough.

The developers for Undungeon is currently running an All Or Nothing Kickstarter campaign for $53,086, and they have currently earned more than half of that in just a few days of launching the campaign.

If you would like to support the development team, you can follow the above link or check out their Steam Greenlight page for additional details. Undungeon is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2018, for further information and details, you can also visit their official website to learn more.


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