Watch Dogs 2 Free Trial Available On PS4; Xbox One Trial Launches Jan 24th
Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft wants more people to try out Watch Dogs 2. The game didn’t exactly set the charts on fire when it launched last year, and they’ve been having difficulty maintaining player engagement since it became available on PS4 and Xbox One. Well, Ubisoft has decided to launch a free trial of Watch Dogs 2 as a way to lure gamers back into the fold.

Over on the official Ubisoft website they announced that starting today PS4 gamers can download the free trial of Watch Dogs 2 right now, and play around in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Xbox One owners will have to wait until next week on January 24th before they can get their hands on the free trial.

According to the website gamers will have up to three hours to play around in the trial, messing around with the single-player story missions and the online competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes. That’s actually not a bad way to lure gamers in.

Ubisoft is likely trying to boost the sales before the next quarterly results. So far, the game hasn’t regularly been on the top 10 sales charts, wasn’t really watched all that much according to the Twitch stats, wasn’t played all that much according to the Steam stats, and wasn’t regarded very well when it came to 2016 award considerations.

The main issue is that Social Justice was kind of the front and center theme of the game, with hipster douche bags being the main characters. It didn’t help that the main villain was also a hipster douche bag. So we had two sets of hipster douche bags fighting each other: one group was stealing your data, money and personal identification information for use in their own purposes, while the other was stealing your data, money and personal identification information for use in their own purposes. That’s right, both sets of SJWs were doing the same thing, only the supposed “good guys” went about it in an anarchically terrorist way.

It was impossible for me to really get behind the holier-than-thou hipster crusade in Watch Dogs 2, but I did like the character of Wrench. He seemed to be the only one that was over-the-top enough to make the hipsterism tolerable.

Anyway, you can grab the free trial on PS4 right now. Xbox One gamers will have to wait a week.


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