Watch Dogs 2’s Wrench Joins GTA 5 Via Mod

One of the only true highlights of Watch Dogs 2 was the character Wrench. His emotigoggles changed expressions based on his mood and gesticulations, and he was a bombastic and over-the-top character with some semblance of grounded realism to his depiction. He was easily one of the most – if not the most – likable character in Watch Dogs 2, and now he’s playable in GTA V.

Modder HeySlickThatsMe recently uploaded the mod for Wrench, version 0.1 to be exact. The playable model features Wrench’s iconic face mask that covers up his scarred face, as well as two different outfits for players to deck him out in, including his DedSec gear and his Swelter Skelter clothes. If the mod is popular enough HeySlickThatsMe might add more clothing options for players.

You can get a look at what Wrench looks like in action in GTA V in the video below.

His exceptional work on Wrench had some of the community asking for a Marcus Holloway mod, the main character from Watch Dogs 2. He actually ripped the mesh and the textures and managed to do a darn fine job of getting Marcus converted into GTA V. [Correction: The mesh was ripped from GTA V’s online mode custom character creator] He offered a brief look at his work so far with the images over on the GTA5-Mods forums.

You can also download the Wrench mod right now by heading on over to

Watch Dogs 2 came out last fall for home consoles and PC. The game received some positive review scores but didn’t quite hit it off as well with the gaming audience. Too much focus on SJWism left a lot of people shaking their heads and waving the game off. In reality the game was about two types of SJWs going to battle with each other using hacking. Even still, the game didn’t feature enough diverse gameplay mechanics to win over actual gamers.

But on the bright side, at least some of the good parts from Watch Dogs 2 appear to be making their way into GTA V.


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