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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo will be unveiling the launch line-up, price and official release date for the Nintendo Switch tonight. If you had plans on watching the event, you can do so right here on One Angry Gamer.

Nintendo will be unveiling some brand spanking new content and information for the highly anticipate hybrid console through the presentation they have setup to air across the interwebs. You can view the presentation below at your own leisure.

Nintendo will follow-up the presentation of the big Nintendo Switch reveal with a live-presentation tomorrow morning with the Treehouse Live group who will be demonstrating some of the launch titles for the Nintendo Switch.

Gamers and developers alike will be able to see firsthand exactly what the Nintendo Switch games will be like and what the system will be capable of in a real-time environment.

Speaking of developers, according to the GDC 2017 survey, a majority of North American and European developers aren’t making games for the Nintendo Switch. In fact, according to the survey only 3% of the developers who took part in the survey said that they were working on games for the Nintendo Switch.

Only 48% of those same developers thought that the mobile to home-console hybrid approach that Nintendo is taking with the Switch will resonate with the general public but won’t be world-changing. Only 19% thought that the console will both resonate with the public and is the right product for today’s mobile-oriented market. 23% of the developers had no idea how the system will be received on launch, which seems to be the general consensus from a lot of other people on the outside looking in.

Some gamers are excited because Nintendo is the only console manufacturer who focuses on trying to make games fun. So there’s a lot of hope that the Nintendo Switch will sell well because they’re the last real gaming console manufacturer providing content on the market.

We’ll likely find out just how well the Switch will do when it launches this March.


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