WWE 2K17 Simulation Pegs Undertaker As Winner For Royal Rumble
WWE 2K17 Royal Rumble

One of the big things taking place this weekend is the WWE Royal Rumble. There have been plenty of simulations currently taking place online as gamers have been running simulations and one of the really cool simulations put together is the one from EspacioNinjaX.

If the simulation in WWE 2K17 is anything like what EspacioNinjaX put together then the Royal Rumble is going to be fantastic. The video covers the whole Rumble and all of the eliminations. The segment where Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Cesaro and Sheamus duke it out was freaking amazing. Check it out below.

The whole thing is pretty epic. We see an awesome segment where after Goldberg comes out there’s like carnage everywhere. Goldberg beats the crap out of everybody. And then Brock comes out and beats the crap out of Goldberg, and then Goldberg spears Brock, only for Triple H to come out and eliminate both himself and Seth Rollins. The two bitter enemies don’t stop there though.

Seth Rollins and Triple H duke it out outside of the ring in a super epic fashion, resulting in Rollins doing a Pedigree to Triple H through the table.

The Undertaker then comes out and cleans house, narrowing the field down to just Chris Jericho and himself. Then a surprise entrant joins the fray: Finn Balor!

I hope that’s true, only they need to make it where Balor uses The Demon. Holy crap would people mark out if Demon Balor faced off against The Undertaker! It’s the closest thing we’ll get to Sting versus The Undertaker.

The video then proceeds to showcase Kevin Owens versus Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship with Owens getting the near 3-count off a reversal from the Superman punch into the Pop-up Powerbomb. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Owens reverse the the Superman Punch into the Pop-up Powerbomb. Nevertheless, the match plays out in an awesome fashion, resulting in Reigns coming out the winner using a spear off the reversal from the ropes.

WWE 2K17 - Royal Rumble

The final match on the card is AJ Styles versus John Cena for the WWE Championship. The match is amazing and actually plays out like something you would expect to see on pay-per view. The chain wrestling segment is great.

The reversals also all make sense, with Cena and Styles both reversing each other’s finishers.

Styles hits all the big moves, including a 450 splash from the apron to the inside of the ring, as well as the Death Valley Drop into the neckbuster.

There are some crazy reversals they pull off throughout the match, but in the end Cena walks out as the champ after turning an attempted over the shoulder roll-up into an arrow driver, nabbing a 3-count in the process.


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