WWE 2K17 Video Reveals Different Ways To Go Backstage
WWE 2K17

Ever wondered how to get backstage in WWE 2K17? Well, if you’ve been spending all your time having your jollies in the squared circle, there’s a video that reveals some different ways to access the backstage areas in the 2016 release of 2K Games’ WWE-based wrestling title.

YouTuber Smacktalks did a new episode of the “Did You Know?” series and it’s actually very insightful. He walks gamers through a number of different hidden goodies tucked away within the gameplay of WWE 2K17. For instance, there are three different ways to access the backstage areas in the game.

First: You can head up the entryway ramp and walk behind the titantron to get backstage by pressing the left bumper on either the PlayStation or Xbox controller.

Second: You can head down off the side of the entry ramp to the right and walk to the side of the stage where the curtains are and press L1 on the PlayStation controller or the left bumper on the Xbox controller to head backstage.

Third: You can head to the left of the stage and head up toward the curtains to enter the backstage area just like the other two methods.

What’s interesting here is that depending on the three different methods of going backstage will determine where you end up in the backstage area, as showcased in the video below.

The video also contains some really useful info. If you run toward an equipment box you can leap off and attack an opponent. Simply run toward the box and press the attack button to do the secret running diving animations. Simply press the run button while aimed at the equipment box and tap ‘X’ on the Xbox controller or Square on the PlayStation controller to perform the move.

You can also keep head-smashing opponents into the boxes and when they’re stunned they’ll automatically move to the next box. You can keep doing this until you smash them through the table at the end of the hall.

WWE 2K17 - General Manager splits

They also give you a quick look at a glitch where you can throw your opponent behind the general manager’s desk in the office by getting their life into the yellow range and then using a chair to smash them over the desk. Once you get behind the desk the game glitches out and the general manager will perform the splits on the desk on the side of the wall.

WWE 2K17 is available right now for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


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