1-2-Switch Ad Shows Versatility Of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con
1-2-Switch Joy-Con

Nintendo has been on a roll lately with the marketing of the Nintendo Switch. Simple yet effective advertisements that showcase exactly what the system is, what it’s capable of and how it’s used. The latest ad features 30 seconds of the launch title 1-2-Switch being used in a variety of different ways to give gamers a brief look at the versatility of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers.

The trailer starts by showing one of the mini-games where a couple attempts to crack a safe by using the gyroscope within the Joy-Con to simulate finding the right safe combination. Another clip shows the gunslinger mini-game where an old man and young girl attempt to outdraw one another, showing the response and read times of the IR signals within the Joy-Con. And another game shows how the motion controls can be used to simulate wands waving in real-time. You can check out the ad below.

Now the one thing I’m curious about is how well the latency MS are between actions and read times. I don’t think they ever really discussed that in depth, but the ad makes it seem like it’s a heck of a lot more responsive than the Wii and its motion controls.

One thing worth noting is that this particular ad for 1-2-Switch was far less hated than the original ad that was on display during the January 12th reveal that took place in Tokyo, Japan. Apparently the right mixture of music, sound bites and clips managed to win over additional Nintendonites as opposed to the original unveiling.

Truth be told, despite 1-2-Switch having some very innovative uses of rumble, motion control, gyroscope rotation and accelerometer usage, I still don’t find any of the 28 mini-games within the party game title all that appealing. It reminds me of a really spiffy tech demo designed for a pitch meeting turned into a $60 game.

Nintendo Switch - Joy-Con Tabletop

I have no doubts that 1-2-Switch will be extremely popular upon release, though.

Even still, if we at least get to see more games within the Switch’s lifespan make use of the Joy-Cons the way 1-2-Switch does, then I think some Switch owners could be in for a jolly good time for as far as innovation and creativity is concerned. However, don’t hold your breath for any third-party studios to take advantage of the technology.

The 1-2-Switch trailer also followed close on the heels of Nintendo’s new Switch overview video, which they released not too long ago.

The threee minute video covers the docking station, the Switch itself, the HDMI cable you plug into your TV, the ability to take the console out of the dock and play it while mobile.

The short video makes it known in a straightforward manner that the highlight of the Switch isn’t just to play standard 1080p and 60fps games, but you can play games at 720p at 30fps (or 60fps depending on the game) to play via handheld. They also highlight the tabletop mode for the Nintendo Switch, which allows people to play two-player local games using the left and right Joy-Cons separately.

The rest of the video highlights the IR sensor in the right Joy-Con that reads distance and breadth of real-life objects, as well as the NFC implementation for Amiibo.

If there was any confusion about the Nintendo Switch, the video above definitely dispels it in an easy-to-view, easy-to-understand manner. I imagine Nintendo really wants to drive home the point with as much simplicity as possible leading up to the March 3rd release next month.


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