Aegis Innocence: 2D RPG Features A Cute Teddy Bear On A Grand Adventure

Aegis: Innocence is a side-scrolling 2D RPG, developed by the indie team at Stasis Soft.

The story for Aegis: Innocence takes place in the dream world. Humankind’s darkest nightmares have begun to manifest and threatens the lives of those who are dreaming. One day, to help protect the mind and dreams of the humans, Guardians appeared to defeat the nightmares to allow the humans to sleep in peace. No one knows where these Guardians came from, but their job is to vanquish the evil nightmarish that seeks to destroy the minds of the sleeping humans.

You play as Teddy, a Guardian that must protect its human from the evil nightmares that feed on the innocent’s dreams, however, recently the nightmarish activity has increased, and if Teddy fails to destroy them all, his human will die.

I really like the animations and the visual art style for this game, Aegis: Innocence has a cute and extremely well put together design and concept. The developers for Aegis: Innocence decided to use the popular retro pixel art style, but at the same time it doesn’t look outdated or have a low quality look to it.

Gameplay-wise, Teddy has a variety of combos he can perform while using different weapons, and it looks like it will give the combat system a lot more depth and complexity than standard 2D hack-and-slash games. Since Aegis: Innocence is still in its early development phase, at the moment the developers gave a few examples of using his shield to fight, a sword and shield combo, as well as a two-handed fighting style. Teddy will also be to jump, roll, and parry attacks to defeat his enemies. The developers also released a teaser trailer for their game to show off stage designs, combat, and the overall progress that they have made so far, so check out the trailer video that I linked down below.

Additionally, Aegis: Innocence will feature 15 hand-crafted stages for you to explore, a skill tree system for multiple weapon types and custom character builds, as well as multiple paths to take throughout the levels that will trigger different endings.

Aegis: Innocence is currently on Steam Greenlight looking for votes, but before the game can be completed, they first need additional funds to help finish the game.

Aegis: Innocence is scheduled for a mid-2018 release date, so if you would like to support the development team and see Aegis: Innocence come to life, you can head on over to their Kickstarter page to learn more and help their cause.


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