Apocryph Brings Back Brutal Classic FPS-Style Gameplay

Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem, Unreal, Hexen, Wolfenstein, these were the games that set the first person shooter genre on the map and made it what it is today. However, FPS games have taken a huge turn from their humble beginnings and have greatly evolved over the years.

And that brings us to indie developers Bigzur- best known for their first person horror game Underdread, and their latest FPS title, Apocryph. The indie arcade shooter game Apocryph is going back old school, bringing back retro style gameplay and the classic HUD design, while also utilizing modern technology and graphics to deliver an FPS worthy of standing alongside its classic predecessors, but bringing enough to the table to compete with its modern-day rivals. Take a look at the Apocryph announcement trailer that I linked down below that gives you a glimpse of some of the gameplay.

Apocryph will have procedurally generated levels and rogue-like elements to the game (which seems to be a standard now for indie games), as well as the hardcore Perma-death setting, so it sounds like if you die there won’t be any no second chances!

You will be able to hold up to nine different weapons, some are firearms, some are melee weapons, and as you have seen from the above trailer, even magical abilities as well. You will also be able to equipped masks and other powerful relics to increase your power or that will give you special abilities to wipe out the tougher foes you may encounter in battle.

Then of course, we have the gore. Apocryph uses a critical damage gore system, where if you hit the enemy just right or deal enough damage, you can literally blow them to pieces. The developers released a second gameplay trailer that I linked below, some of the footage is the same as the above video, but it also shows a few more weapons and abilities, so take a look at the second trailer that I linked below.

Apocryph doesn’t currently have a release date yet and is still in early development as the developers say they want to add in more biomes, items and perks, but if you would like to support this game you can head on over to their Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote or leave some feedback. Additionally, you can check out BigZur’s website for further details.


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