Bandai Namco Livestream Reveals Gundam Versus Closed Beta Gameplay
(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)

Bandai Namco has gone up with a new livestream video for Gundam Versus not too long ago. The video shines light on the Closed Beta session and what’s all available currently during the game’s early testing phase. Gundam Versus has no release date, but an Asian English release is currently in the works.

Just to set things straight, Bandai Namco is still holding Closed Beta tickets or applications for download on the Japanese PlayStation Store until February 28th. In addition the Closed Beta will sport three parts in which the first will start on March 10th, following eight days later on March 18th is the second part, with March 19th ending the whole Closed Beta session.

Two things that’s worth noting with the first being that the Closed Beta across all three given dates will only run from 19:00 to 22:00 JST. The second important thing to mention is that although you are eligible to download the application it is not guarantee that you will be chosen to play on any of the March dates. The only way of knowing that you are picked is by receiving an E-mail notification through March 9th to March 17th saying that you have qualified to join the Closed Beta.

Like any game that is played online, especially on consoles, you will need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play the game. However, once you are actually in the game you will find mecha and works such as:

  • Gundam
  • Guncannon
  • Gouf
  • v-Gundam
  • Wing Gundam Zero
  • Tallgeese
  • Unicorn Gundam
  • Sinanju
  • Gundam Exia
  • Gundam Kyrios
  • Gundam Barbatos
  • Full Armor Gundam
  • Union Flag Custom
  • GN-X
  • V2 Gundam
  • ZZ Gundam
  • Z Gundam
  • Gundam Sandrock Kai
  • Jagd Doga
  • Gundam Throne Zwei
  • The-O
  • Jesta
  • Turn A Gundam

Modes that will be in the game consist of Player Match, Ultimate Battle, Trail Battle and Free Battle. If those modes sound like fun you can watch two of the four in the video by Bandai Namco’s 876TV channel. Time stamps sit below for you to look over.

  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS starts at 15:26
  • Gundam Versus Gameply starts at 1:09:45
  • More Gundam Versus Gameplay starts at 11:12:30
  • Last Gundam Versus Gameplay starts at 1:16:47

Gundam Versus has no release date as of this moment, but it will be for PS4 on release.

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