Battlefield 1 CTE And Sign-Up Process Is Now Live

The CTE is now finally up and available for those who want to see more content and changes happen in EA and DICE’s Battlefield 1. The sign-up process and community test environment can now be accessed by purchasing or owning the premium version of BF1, and is only available for those on PC as of this moment.

The community test environment came into existences after EA and DICE botched previous BF titles, forcing the community to step-in and help the devs fix the very glitchy and broken FPS games.

The sign-up process calls for those with the premium game to use either their iOS or Android device to sign into the Battlefield companion app and go to the setting menu, where upon clicking on the gear it will take you to a menu that holds the CTE and its registration menu to participate.

Having to switch from your mobile device to your PC, you will need to go to Origin and you should see Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment in the My Games Library.

I should note, though, that it will act as a second game and will take up the same amount of space on your PC as the version installed on your PC. So it’s best to keep that in mind if you are running low on space.

The CTE version of the game will see lots of changes and will be influenced by you and others apart of the test, so if you want to see the game change and other features done better now is the time to act.

Below is a video by Westie detailing parts of the CTE, and has a follow up video detailing even more beneath said video.

Here is the follow up video by Westie that runs for 10 minutes.

You can read over the rules and all the other stuff regarding the CTE by jumping over to

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