Battlefield 1 New Rapture Mode, Weapons And More Detailed In New Video

The RibeyRolles 1918, and the RSC 1917 make an appearance in a new video pertaining to Battlefield 1‘s upcoming French DLC – They Shall Not Pass. Other features and content make an appearance, too, and provide an early look at what EA and DICE have in store for fans of the game. Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Before an official video trailer has gone up by EA and DICE, the vigilant Battlefield content creator, Westie, has a video up covering footage that shows the new mode Frontlines, and the new weapon the RibeyRolles 1918.

Looking over the new mode it mixes Conquest and Rush together in a new way. This new mod focuses on players controlling points in a tug-of-war situation that sees multiple points coming into play after contending over one main flag. In other words, both teams fight for one flag at a time and when the objective is captured the action moves on to the next point.

Upon capturing the enemy’s HQ the game turns into a Rush-style sector phase. Players will rush to telegraph posts that will need to be defended or assaulted.

I’m surprised that Westie didn’t catch the RSC 1917 at 0:58, which is quite strange because he always has a keen eye when it comes to small things like said gun. But anyways, he does go on about the RibeyRolles 1918, the new tank, the new stage and more in the video below.

The French DLC — They Shall Not Pass — has no release date as of this moment, but it’s noted to drop sometime next month. Other weapons listed to be in the DLC consist of the Lebel Model 1886 Scout rifle, the Chauchat Support gun, the Sjögren Inertia Assault shotgun, and the MLE 1903 Extended pistol.

New stages will tally up to four and include Verdun Heights, Fort de Vaux, Soissons and Rapture.

Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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