Between The Stars Seeks Votes On Steam Greenlight

Small indie dev team Isolated Games is working on a space game that sees players traveling space, battling other ships and upgrading their ship to defend the capital of the Republic. Planned for release on PC, Between the Stars is currently seeking votes on Steam Greenlight.

Not to say that this game is terrible for sporting typical Steam Greenlight features like rogue-like procedurally generated maps, but it is a tired feature that appears in a lot of indie titles, thus making Between the Stars a game that could have its merits and flaws at the same time.

But instead of going on and on about the games flaws and stuff, I bet you are wondering what is Between the Stars? Well the game is about building up your spaceship and crew so that you can find the capital of the Republic and defend it from outside forces.

The main description for the game sits below.

“Between the Stars is a roguelike game where you play as a captain of a military spaceship. The final goal is to get to the capital of the Republic to defend it from the attack of the outer worlds. During the journey you will have to make decisions that will affect your ship and crew, buy and upgrade weapons and systems for your ship and fight with enemy ships.”

The game is said by the devs to function similar to FTL, but with a map that’s proceduarlly generated in a 3D realm. This map, if navigated correctly, will slowly lead you to the portal that will take you to the capital ship itself.

To spice things up there will be events that you will have to interact with to progress onward, which can change your character, crew and ship. This means that space battles are occupied by interactive decisions and choices.

Furthermore, both the Greenlight trailer and gameplay demo sit below for you to look over. The videos come in by Isolated Games channel.

The game stands to hold its problems, but at the same time Between the Stars is a decent entry when it comes to Greenlight and its standards — especially in comparison to games that have been popping up recently.

If you want to help support this game you can hit up Steam Greenlight, or you can find more info on the game and the developers by heading over to


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