Clone Drone In The Danger Zone Decides To Get Dangerous On Steam Greenlight
Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

The popular indie game that made huge waves on has now moved on and moved up in the world of independent development, currently seeking votes and an opportunity to wow audiences on the grandest stage of them all: Steam.

Developer Doborog Games announced that they’re currently seeking votes over on the Steam Greenlight page in order to finally make their way onto the Steam store.

At the moment the game can be acquired from over on, but that’s mostly the backwoods of indie fanfare for only the most diehard of diehard indie gamers. They want to tap that casual… arena by opening the game up to a more diverse audience through Valve’s digital distribution platform.

The founder of Doborog Games, Erik Ryderman, mentioned in the press release exactly what they hope to achieve and why…

“We’re looking forward to launching on Steam and connecting with an even larger audience! Refining the game on has been a pleasure and, of course, we’ll continue to sell the game there.”

It almost makes you wonder if that means that was like the Early Access phase for Clone Drone in the Danger Zone?

Well, there’s no need to start getting all philosophical on a game about robots dismembering robots… it’s time to talk about the game that’s about robots dismembering robots. And what better way to talk about the game’s features and mechanics than to show you the game’s features and mechanics? So without further ado, you can check out 14 minutes worth of gameplay courtesy of YouTuber 8-BitRyan.

The game features hilarious commentary from the two robot commentators… and yes, they actually speak.

The smarmy remarks are accompanied by progressively challenging arena-style combat encounters where players will need to smartly and tactically take down foes using various skills and techniques in order to avoid being split, cut, hacked, smashed, demolished, vaporized or crushed into pieces.

Part of the appeal of Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is the targeted dismemberment, allowing gamers to single out a body part and slice it right off the enemy… and vice versa of the enemy doing it players.

There’s even Twitch integration, allowing for gamers to interact with their favorite streamer and even use some interactive features to help revive them, make the challenges harder or even wager on how they’ll die.

The launch into Steam Greenlight will also be followed by a major content update in the middle of March, regardless of the Greenlight status. You can learn more about Clone Drone In the Danger Zone and the Steam Greenlight voting phase by visiting the official Clone Drone website.


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