Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition Gains New Trailer

A game heading to PS4 on February 22nd and PC some time later this year comes from Arc System Works and APlus Games, which goes by the name Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition. the fast-paced top-down mecha game now has a new debut trailer showing off in-game footage.

Not too long ago Arc System Works and APlus Games announced that Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition will be heading to PS4 and PC this year. During that announcement the team laid out some of the core features that fans of mecha and fast-pace action games could look forward to.

Damascus Gear will run at 60 FPS and will sport HD graphics. Tagging along with the HD Edition is the addition of both downloadable content packs for the game. This means that all of the content in this game will be enhanced along with both DLCs (coming in for free), which isn’t a bad thing.

I should note that Damascus Gear launched back in 2013 in Japan, and later came to the West in 2015. Now the game is getting the HD treatment and will later hit PS4 and PC.

Before getting any further, if you are new to the game and have no idea as to what the story is about, you can read a snippet of the game’s story below.

“In the year 2050, the world goes to war, in what would be known as World War IV. Nonetheless, the outcome, no one could have predicted…”


“The GEARs, which were the primary forces in battle became uncontrollable by their operators, and turned against mankind. GEARs that have gone berserk were named RAGEs, and left a mark on human history that can never be forgotten.”

After retreating underground and turning back to the GEARs, the few remaining humans must take down all opposing threats with their trusty GEARs to restore peace. With that said the new trailer by Arc System Works sits below.

Features found in this game include over 50 missions focusing on urban combat, well over 500 items to customize your GEAR, special items and weapons to counter enemies, and new missions, weapons, armor parts via free DLC.

You can find out more about this game by hitting up its main site.

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