Devoid Of Shadows, Vampire Themed Action-RPG Seeks Votes On Greenlight
Devoid of Shadows

A new 3D actino-RPG called Devoid of Shadows has made its way to Steam Greenlight in search of votes. Developer ArsLogica recently took their game to Steam’s soon to be defunct platform in order to get one last push in to get their game on the Steam store before Steam Direct becomes the standard way in which indie titles make their way to Steam.

We covered Devoid of Shadows a while back when it was first announced by N-Game Studios and ArsLogica. At the time they had only announced that the game was in development for PC and would be making its way to gamers featuring rogue-like elements and some forms of emergent gameplay.

Devoid of Shadows sees players in control of a vampire who attempts to rule Galidon. In order to do so you must search through the Labyrinth to uncover the secret power and defeat all enemies along the way.

Much like Diablo, players can loot new gear and upgrade their castle, which will work as a base for their hero.

The castle can be upgraded with new shops, courts and crafting stations where you can research and acquire new gear for your vampire lord. However, you’ll need to traverse the deadly labyrinth and its randomly generated halls in order to acquire the loot necessary to grow strong.

You can get an idea of what the gameplay is like with a demo video below, which showcases some of the gameplay for the 3D action-RPG.

One of the highlights of Devoid of Shadows is that the game allows you to acquire all sorts of cool gear throughout your dungeon runs, including weapons, armor, materials and magic. What’s more is that everything you loot can also be crafted. You can use the crafting stations in your castle to actually craft just about every item you encounter.

Not only that, you can also improve on these items after you acquire them from the Labyrinth, to upgrade and enhance them so that they’re even better than when you retrieved them.

You can vote for Devoid of Shadows over on the Steam Greenlight page if this seems like a game you might enjoy playing on PC.


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