Fan Jackets Assassin’s Creed Pullover Hoodie Review

Clothing website, best known for their awesome hoodies and jackets that are inspired by characters from movies, video games and TV shows, has sent us a free Assassin’s Creed style Pullover hoodie for review, so let’s get straight to it!

Let’s talk about the design and logo first. The hoodie in real life looks exactly like the promotional image from the website. The logo and text are big and bold and perfectly centered on the chest; but most importantly, it looks exactly like the logo from the Assassin’s Creed movie and video game franchise.

The material for the hoodie is made out of 80% high-quality cotton and 20% polyester and comes in a standard Heather Grey color. Like most pullover hoodies, there is a single pocket in the front that is deep enough to hold items or cover your hands.

I inspected the hoodie’s quality in great detail to check how it was all put together, and I found no rips, tears or loose threads left hanging. So I think it is safe to say that this is a quality made pullover hoodie that is built to last. I also made sure to check the ends of the sleeves as well to make sure there were no sloppy loose threads hanging there — which is something that is very common when shopping and buying from Chinese sellers that try to cut corners and save time (I shop on eBay a lot), and this hoodie didn’t suffer from any of the pitfalls of low-quality, mass produced workshop clothing.

As for the look, feel and fit, the Fan Jacket’s Assassin’s Creed hoodie fits true to size. As you can see from the picture on the side, I am tall and slim, and this large size hoodie fit me perfectly. There is extra room in the sleeves in case you have long arms, and the abdomen area is large enough to wear multiple layers with it (I had a long sleeve slim fit hoody underneath this hoodie), but it doesn’t feel bulky or heavy at all.

The design looks and feels a light hoodie, but the materials are thick enough to withstand the cold harsh winter weather, as it kept me quite warm when the temperature dropped below 20°F; granted, I did combine it with a light military jacket to go over it. Even with the frigid cold winter weather, I would still get quite warm while wearing this hoodie indoors for long periods of time.

The only flaw I found with the hoodie was with the hood itself, I think it is a bit too short for my liking. I would have preferred if the hood was a bit deeper and wider to actually cover my head to protect it from wind, rain or snow, or just to hide my face so that I can stalk around town inconspicuously, but the way the hood is designed it barely covers my ears and touches my forehead. It isn’t a big deal, but anyone with a lot of hair or wearing a beanie cap (which I do a lot), will notice that the extra bulk on their head will keep the hoodie from pulling all the way down. I suppose you could compensate by getting a bigger sized hoodie, but I rather liked the fit of the large size, and going one size bigger would have been way too big.

Overall, I think this is a great hoodie with a nice fit and quality design. The hoodie being too short is a personal preference, so I would knock off a star for that, but other than that one slight flaw, I would have rated it a perfect 5 stars.

If you want to check out the official Fan Jacket’s website, they currently have a sale running for Valentines Day to take 30% off their hoodies and jackets, with free worldwide shipping, so make sure to check the website for details.

If you would like to purchase this specific Assassin’s Creed hoodie, just click on the provided link to learn more and visit the store page.


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