Farming Simulator 17 Gains New Kuhn DLC

New content for Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software latest game, best known as Farming Simulator 17, has been very slow. If you aren’t into mods the game has seen very few updates, until now with the Kuhn DLC for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Taking to its official website and Steam’s update section, developer Giants Software announced to Farming Simulator 17 fans that new DLC is now available across all three platforms.

The downloadable content takes on the name Kuhn — in real life a leading manufacturer of farm equipment. The Kuhn Equipment Pack aims to fill in a wide variety of innovative roles that give players more options when working around about the farm.

The update is further elaborated on in the text below.

“Today, Farming Simulator 17 expands and adds equipment from KUHN to its long list of faithfully reproduced vehicles and tools. Established in 1828, KUHN is a leading manufacturer of farm machinery. The KUHN Equipment Pack provides you with 18 innovative, high quality tools for field work, giving more options for working with square and round bales.”

According to the post over on the game’s official website, the ESPRO 3000 will be the first three meter direct seeding and sowing machine in Farming Simulator 17. The post also details that the SW 4014 and FBP 3135 offer significant functions when handling bales on the farm.

The DLC is also said to make it so that the Kuhn DC 401, HR 4004, BTF 4000 and TF 1500 can be combined. This allows the latter to seed in front of the tractor while the other three cultivate, sow and plow the field.

If that all sounds interesting a video by Farming Simulator covers the above in video form.

In total the DLC brings 18 new pieces of equipment for FS17, which is available right now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Before signing out I should note that the DLC costs $14.99, but should be available for those who own the Season Pass for free.


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