Final Fantasy XV 1.05 PS4 Pro Patch Still Fails To Reach 60fps At 1080p
Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro Mod

Square Enix released 1.05 for the PS4 Pro version of Final Fantasy XV. The buffed up the Lite mode, which ran at 1080p and 30fps, to 1080p with unlocked frame-rate, and this has resulted in the 1080p mode to run at barely 45fps.

Digital Foundry did a breakdown of the new patch, explaining that the newest patch actually makes the game worse.

Previously there was the Lite Mode and the High Mode – the former ran at 1080p and 30fps on the PS4 Pro, while the latter ran at 1800p and variable 30fps. The High Mode wasn’t the best experience, but according to some players it rendered Final Fantasy XV at a checkerboarded 4K, which was good enough for some people.

However, the 1080p at 30fps offered the smoothest experience, before the patch. After the patch? It’s borked. Square Enix replaced the Lite Mode’s 1080p at 30fps with a 1080p unlocked frame-rate that doesn’t quite stabilize at any consistent frame-rate, as demonstrated in the video below where Digital Foundry showcases the different modes and how well they don’t perform on the PS4 Pro.

This is literally what was to be expected from a cheap $399 console promising 4K out of the box. Only this time around, the PS4 Pro is having a hard time achieving 1080p at 60fps for an eighth gen title. It’s quiet the joke.

Final Fantasy XV actually nestles in at anywhere between 41fps and 49fps, depending on what’s being rendered to screen in the unlocked Lite Mode. On average, it appears to hit 45fps.

Now 45fps isn’t bad, but it’s not consistent. The lack of consistency is where the problem comes in, as the game can drop all the way back into the 30s during hot and heavy scenes, and as high as 60fps if you’re literally just starring at the ground.

It’s an unfortunate reality for PS4 Pro owners, and the comment section on Eurogamer is ripe with PC Master Race users hoping and begging Square Enix for a PC port of Final Fantasy XV so they can play the true definitive edition of the game, but a bunch of angry SDF members and PlayStation fanboys are there to downvote the PCMR.

There’s no reason to get angry at PC gamers in this case, they’re just stating the truth. Besides, the FPS benchmark numbers don’t lie… but Sony promising a 4K home console? Well, that’s another story for another day.

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