Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro Patch Adds 60fps Option February 21st
Final Fantasy XV 60fps

PS4 Pro owners will retroactively receive bonuses for games already released, such as Square’s intent on unleashing a patch on February 21st that adds a 60fps option to Final Fantasy XV. This was discussed during a Square Enix live-stream over on YouTube.

The live-stream contents was translated by Mognetcentral, as picked up by Reddit user twomongsmakearight.

The update will also be accompanied by an increase in level cap from 99 to 120, the use of MP3s while riding the chocobos, and photos extended from 150 to 200.

The update at the end of February will be followed by another update on March 28th, featuring the Chapter 13 overhaul, and the Episode Gladio DLC, which will delve into what happened with Gladiolus after he dropped out of the group briefly before they headed to Altissia. The episode will supposedly focus more on Gladiolus increasing and honing his fighting ability.

The Episode Gladio will be followed then after with Episode Prompto, which will dive into what happened with Prompto leading up to him being rescued by Noct, and what happened after he was captured by Ardyn.

They don’t roll out a release date on Prompto’s DLC but it’ll likely arrive sometime during the middle of spring. One thing is for sure, the DLC definitely doesn’t seem as if it was already finished and waiting in the wings like some games. It’s pretty obvious Square is still trying to iron it all out and get it out in a timely manner.

In between the 60fps update for PS4 Pro users and Episode Gladio, they will also release a Booster DLC pack, which features a new Boost Sword, a new reel and the new Dragon Mode. The Booster DLC pack will also feature the Power Rangers-inspired outfits for the boy band.

So far the only major DLC to have released for Final Fantasy XV has been the Holiday DLC pack, so Square is definitely taking their time with getting new content out there.


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