For Honor Trailer Lets You Rotate Around The Battlefield In Real-Time

A 360 degree trailer for For Honor was released recently by Ubisoft. The trailer features a gritty, dark battlefield where lots of guys are fighting in the mud, stabbing, killing and chopping each other down.

The trailer is only a minute and a half. You can check it out below.

There is some narration for the video, and the cinematic follows some soldiers through the field as they duke it out. Explosive fireballs rain down from the sky, blasting guys to the ground.

The trailer is just a quick snippet for the open beta, which gets underway on February 9th.

Sadly, a lot of the fighting done in the trailer can’t be done in the actual game. For Honor is nowhere near as dark or gritty as the trailer portrays, and there’s tons more screen clutter when it’s time to actually fight.

It would have been cool if the game was more cinematic as they portrayed in the videos, but then that would mean they would risk their casual audience since casual gamers don’t like learning how to actually play games, they want something simple and easy to hop into.

After seeing more of For Honor I’ve scaled back my expectations of the game, but hopefully Ubisoft delivers something worthwhile when it launches on February 14th.

They’re hosting the open beta this weekend as one last, final lure for undecided gamers. You can participate in the beta whether you have an Xbox One, PS4 or a PC. I’m also hoping that the PC version of the game will be modded at some point in the near future so that it can look like the gritty atmosphere portrayed in the cinematic trailer above.

A no HUD option would also be pretty cool, and maybe a hardcore mode where a couple of hits will actually down an opponent. That’s likely the closest we’ll ever get to another Bushido Blade.


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