For The King, Turn-Based RPG Set To Hit PC Via Steam

One of the latest turn-based RPGs to hit PC via Steam Early Access comes in by publisher and developer Iron Oak, and goes by the name of For The King. The game takes up a low-poly look, and features single player and multiplayer-based action across perilous lands. For The King is set to debut Q1 of this year.

For The King’s story sees the king dead, murdered by an unknown entity, putting the kingdom of Farhul in chaos, forcing the queen to turn to citizens in order to turn the tide of impending doom. Players set out with other citizens to help make a shift in the now perilous times of Farhul. The official description for the game sits below.

“Weave your own unique tales in a challenging single player or cooperative RPG adventure that spans across the realms. Trek across the perilous badlands, trudge through poisonous swamps, and brave the high seas in uniquely generated maps.”

The game allows the player to either split up from others to cover more ground or to stick together for better protection. Along the journey to bring peace to the land, players will have to brave wicked creatures, venture seas and tumultuous grasslands to find the dark underworld.

The trailer for the game showing gameplay, battle scenes, the world map and much more, can be seen below. The video trailer comes in by IronOak Games.

Using a “unique” slot system for attacks and special abilities when in battle, the game also provides another side to battle that calls for healing oneself and others to overcome any encounter. Outside of battle and venturing forth throughout the land will also bring dangers during the nightfall, which can be avoided by camping in safe locations.

To learn more regarding For The King you can head on over to Steam Early Access or


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