Fugl, Animal Voxel Game Lands On Steam Greenlight

To be honest I’m not much into games that have you flying around and experience a randomly generated atmosphere, but the genre itself has quite a bit of people into it. This also applies to a new animal voxel game named Fugl, which is now on Steam Greenlight.

If all goes well the bird flying game, Fugl, will release through Steam Early Access in Q2 of 2017. That’s assuming that the game proceeds through Steam Greenlight without any problems.

It’s worth noting that although I may not like these kinds of games, it’s a growing genre that quite a bit of people are taking to. This can be seen on Fugl’s Greenlight comment section and its video on YouTube, with high anticipation from fans and random people alike. So with that said, I thought to give it some attention due to the demand it has generated in such little time.

Fugl sees players assuming the role as a voxel bird in an endless world generated by a voxel algorithm. The game is very relaxing in nature and contains very few rules so that you can role-play your own story as you fly through the voxel world. It comfortably manages to fit within the sub-genre of zen games.

Various animals roam, sit and go about their daily lives that you can meet. These animals consist of ducks, colibris, gorillas, monkeys, rams, horses, dragons, unicorns, dolphins and much more (two of which aren’t real animals).

Both the official description and trailer can be seen below, detailing what the game is about and how it functions.

“Experience life as a voxel bird in a beautiful and endless procedurally generated voxel world. Fugl is a game with few rules, where you make your own emergent story as you make your way through the landscapes.”

If this game seems like something worth keeping track of and supporting, you can either hit up the game’s official site or the Greenlight page.

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