Glitch Strikers Features Classic Nintendo-Style Characters All In A Single Game

Imagine if Samus, Super Mario,  Ryu Hayabusa, Simon Belmont, Megaman, and Link, all teamed up together to save the world in a single Retro-style platform adventure game. Well, you would get Glitch Strikers!

Before we get started, let’s cover some basic history of how this game evolved over time. Glitch Strikers, was originally titled as Super Retro Squad a few years ago when the developers, Exploding Rabbit Games, first launched their Kickstarter campaign which went on to earn over $53,500 USD. If we go back even farther, Super Retro Squad  was based on an earlier game titled  Super Mario Bros. Crossover, which you can take a look at with the trailer that I linked below.

The problem with Super Mario Crossover was that it was using copyrighted content, so the game could never properly be finished or publically distributed because Nintendo could claim Copyright infringement and have the project shut down. So how could they get around that? Well, the creator would go on to hire his own team and remake the entire game with original characters and assets so that the game could continue to grow, without any copyright problems. And that led to the new and finished game project, Glitch Strikers.

The story follows Hyper Manni as he adventures to save his princess, however… he can’t beat his game because a glitch his preventing him from progressing forward. So, Hyper Manni ventures to other games, recruiting help from other heroes to help him defeat the glitch and save his princess. It looks like the story may have changed a bit from the original Kickstarter campaign, so I’m not entirely sure if he is still saving the princess, but in simple terms, Exploding Rabbit was pretty much doing the Wreck-It Ralph story before Wreck-It Ralph. Take a look at Glitch Strikers trailer that I linked below that showcases the new cast of characters, as Manni adventures throughout the different game worlds to recruit his team of heroes.


The developer said in the original Kickstarter video that the plan was to have both 8-it and 16-bit graphics for you to choose from and that each character would also have their own game world that you would play through. Furthermore, it may evolve into several other games, with each main hero getting their own original game (but I assume that depends on the success of Glitch Strikers). As a bonus, Glitch Strikers will also feature both local and online multiplayer co-op.

If you think it is an awesome idea and you would like to see more, check out the Steam Greenlight page and cast your vote.


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