Golf It!, Minigolf Game Set To Hit Steam Early Access This February

Do you fancy golf? If you happen to  enjoy the sport and you like playing virtual golf or minigolf, publisher and developer Perfuse Entertainment will bring a “dynamic, fun and creative multiplayer experience” through Golf It!, which is set to debut this month for PC on Steam Early Access.

Golf It! seems to focus heavily on its multiplayer feature that enables folks from all around to play the game, and even goes as far as to let people create and build maps together with friends to experience something new.

Looking past the multiplayer feature and at the surface of Golf It!, the game features five different maps that allow for play across 18 holes. These stages in the game offer something different in nature and go by the following names:

  • Grassland
  • Winterland
  • Graveyard
  • Mines
  • Pirate Cove

Each location will feature something to challenging to throw players off, however skill can still reward a hole in one. Hitting the ball is based on the speed of the mouse, meaning the faster you swing the mouse the harder you will hit the ball — which is basic PC golf mechanics.

The game offers both casual and competitive play through simple and complex stages alike. This is ideal for playing the game just to get the hang of the mechanics, or to have fun with others who own the game.

The video below is the game’s Greenlight trailer that also doubles as its most recent announcement on the Steam Coming Soon page, which is slated to drop this month. The video comes in by Perfuse Entertainment.

As noted above the game will feature a map editor. The map editor also goes by the name of Multiplayer Editor, where you can build and play custom maps together with friends. Every asset of each area and more will be available for you inside the editor and are free to mix together to create a map that seems fun to play. Currently the devs implemented over 1,000 objects and assets to use inside the Multiplayer Editor.

You can find out more by going over to Golf It!’s Steam Early Access page seeing how it currently has no official website or social media sites as of this writing.


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