Graveyard Keeper Alpha Sign-Ups Go Live For PC, Xbox One

It seems like tinyBuild Games have been on a tear lately. They’ve really been taking their publishing duties seriously, grabbing up all sorts of games and pumping out lots of content and keeping gamers on their toes with some edgy new releases. Their latest acquisition is a graveyard simulator from Lazy Bear Games called Graveyard Keeper.

The game is a hand-drawn sprite game, utilizing dynamic lights and sim-style management mechanics. Players should have a slight idea as to what to expect from Graveyard Keeper given that it’s from the same minds that brought you Punch Club. There’s a teaser trailer below to give you a heads-up on what the game looks like.

The idea is to turn your graveyard into a private enterprise, growing it into a mammoth resource allocation center. You can do things like sell the body parts of the dead, drain their blood, even get into meat-bag recycling.

With all those dead bodies at your disposal, there’s bound to be some use for them at some point… heck, when food runs dry, there’s always the opportunity to sell vendors on the idea of using cooked flesh to make ends meet.

The game seems like a morbid take on the typical management sim, but with the theme centered around trying to maintain and grow the graveyard.

There’s also a resource management and crafting mechanic available in the game, which should make for some interesting replayability. They’ve actually kept some of the gameplay features under wraps and only seem to give a brief overview of what to expect. I think they’re doing it this way so there’s plenty for player to discover instead of seeing everything the game has to offer from top to bottom on a fact.

They announced that the sign-ups for the alpha test are currently available right now over on the official website. Lazy Bear Games plans on releasing Graveyard Keeper for PC and Xbox One at some point during the summer of 2017.

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