GTA 5 Mod Adds The Flying Dutchman From Pirates Of The Caribbean
GTA 5 - Flying Dutchman

GTA V seems to be missing a very, very important thing in its large, mostly unused ocean areas: pirates. No, I’m not talking about those fake Somali pirates who rob and rape people on the sea and try steal from freighters in shipping lanes, I’m talking about the real pirates… the pirates of the Caribbean.

One modder also found that GTA V was truly lacking in realism when it came to seafaring adventures and decided to add Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman to the game. Players will now be able to experience the true pirate’s life by facing off against the octopus-faced Davy Jones and his seaweed ship.

The mod was put together for GTA V by modder StreetMode. He converted the mod over from an original conversion made for GTA: San Andreas by KiralMert.

It’s pretty obvious that it’s a port-over job given the low poly count on the mesh and the muddied textures. If I had to guess this was ported over from the PS2 version of the Pirates of the Caribbean game(s). You can see what the Flying Dutchman looks like in GTA V with the video demonstration below from YouTuber AK Gaming. You can check it out below.

The collision detection is based on the original GTA V‘s Marquis, which is the sailboat featured in the game.

You can replace the Marquis by modifying the vehicles.rpf file. Once the boat is in the game you can use a trainer to spawn it on the ocean and have a rocking good time pretending to be Davy Jones.

A lot of gamers actually seem to enjoy the pirate ship making an appearance in GTA V. The mod is fairly popular and some gamers are requesting for more pirate ships from Pirates of the Caribbean to pop up in Rockstar’s open-world action title.

You can download the Flying Dutchman for GTA V by visiting the GTA5-Mods download page.

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