Gundam Versus Closed Beta Will Bring New Gundams And More

Famitsu has posted up a new entry centering around Bandai Namco and Gundam Versus’ Closed Beta session. The update from the publication site details new playable Gundam, game modes and other features set to be in the Closed Beta for Gundam Versus.

It’s here the latest publication of the Weekly Famitsu, and like always it brings forth new information, quenching fans dry throats thirsty for whatever game it is that they are looking forward to. In this case the game featured in the Weekly Famitsu is Gundam Versus, and folks now have the opportunity to peer deeper inside to see what’s all in Bandai Namco’s mecha fighting game.

Before jumping into the list of playable Gundam the publication site covers the most recent event that’s about to go down, the Closed Beta. Mecha that will be assumed by players in the Closed Beta consist of well over 20 mechs.

The full list of playable Gundam include Turn A Gundam, Jesta, The-O, Gundam Throne Zwei, Jagd Doga, Gundam Sandrock Kai, Z Gundam, ZZ Gundam, V2 Gundam, Jinx, Union Flag Custom, Full Flag Custom, Full Armor Gundam, Gundam Barbatos, Gundam Kyrios, Gundam Exia, Sinanju, Unicorn Gundam, Tallgeese, Wing Gundam Zero, V-Gundam, Gouf, Guncannon, and Gundam.

The Closed Beta is said by the site to hold 38 playable mecha from 11 different series. You will be able to use the existing number of mecha to battle in four game modes.

Three of the four modes hold your typical stuff, with Trial Battle being a multi route AI battle montage, Free Battle providing exactly what its name implies, and Player Match standing as the online function.

The forth mode is the most interesting out of the listed modes seeing players upgrading their mecha, surviving and defeating the enemies that appear one after another to clear the course. This mode is the Ultimate Battle, this mode operates  by clearing waves until an Extra Battle appears where the player will fight with unique rules that can bring bosses and more. You can play solo or with other players, which sees the online mode allowing up to six players in total.

The upcoming Closed Beta will launch in the next couple of weeks starting on March 10th. Eight days after that it will pick back up on March 18th, with a March 19th date ending the whole session over in Japan. The Closed Beta session will also be held in Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan.

As of now Gundam Versus has no release date, but the game will receive an Asian English version — which also has no official release date.

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