Halo 6 Will Feature Split-Screen Following Microsoft’s Painful Blunder
(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)

Halo 5 not featuring a split-screen mode was considered to be a “painful” lesson for 343 executive Bonnie Ross and the rest of the Xbox camp at Microsoft. At the 2017 DICE Summit Ross explained that from now on all their new Halo FPS titles will feature split-screen.

Gamespot did a quick summary, detailing how Ross explained that after the launch blunder that was Halo: The Master Chief Collection, it turned out to be “[incredibly] painful for the community and for us–and it erodes trust,”, and then this was followed up with the not-so-well-received Halo 5 and its lack of multiplayer.

To make matters worse, head honcho over Xbox, Phil Spencer, studio head at 343 Industries, Frank O’Connor, and 343 executive over the Halo brand, Bonnie Ross, all ran damage control during the launch of Halo 5 defending their decision to stick it to gamers and remove split-screen in place of targeting 60fps and barely 1080p for the game. It backfired big time.

In combination with trying to go with a politically safe story with politically correct characters and a politically tame adventure, they not only managed to leave a bad taste in the mouths of old-time fans, but they also managed to scare off new ones. The added insult to injury was the fact that two people wanting to play Halo 5 in local split-screen couldn’t even do that.

Halo 5 - Elite Art

It’s one thing if they were going to sanitize the desperate, war-torn galaxy that Bungie created 16 years ago, but to not only dumb everything down to the point of being trite they also decided to remove a core feature that a lot of people loved.

It baffles me to think that they thought that this would somehow draw people in.

Online multiplayer is more-so aimed at creating anti-social environments than they are at being conducive for pro-social interaction. Local multiplayer is usually the complete opposite, getting people to have fun and get along as opposed to being antagonistic toward one another. But then again, Microsoft was probably hoping more people would throw money down the drain to sign-up for Xbox Live Gold. It didn’t work.

After that massive blunder hopefully they’ll get the series back on track, creating those desperate sci-fi stories that made Halo 1, 2, 3 and Reach fascinating, and what kept gamers hanging on to every cutscene in Halo Wars 1 and Halo Wars 2.

Split-screen returning to the fold is only part of a problem that’s being addressed, they’ll still need to fix the story up big time if they want to draw back in the old-school Bungie loyalists.

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  • durka durka

    stop making halo games people stopped caring 2 games ago.

  • Wisdomcube2000

    I really hope they get their collective shit together for the next one. On the positive side, they nailed forge mode in this game though (more people need to know how fun it is). Just need to include all the other missing bits and multiplayer in the next one –might– be really good.

    • Yeah I think sometimes we can be very hard on 343. I tend to forget to give them props for the multiplayer in Halo 5. I really think they hit it out of the ballpark with the Warzone mode, it’s not something other games are even trying to innovate on at all and they took a big risk with it and it paid off.

      And you’re right that Forge mode is a really cool feature that has spawned some mind-blowing creations.

      • Wisdomcube2000

        Warzone is pretty neat. Wish the AI played a bigger role though, and I’m not a fan of how they handled reqs in that. Problem with 343 in my opinion comes from how often you realize that for every one thing they got right, they got 2 things wrong. That said, I’ll remain positive that they can swing things around down the road, but if not I’ll just wait for another sale before purchasing like I did with Halo 5 =P

  • Kyle Haddad

    Here’s a question. Do people still care about the series? The I’ve not seen a game recieve a massive collective sigh since the release of Legacy of Kain: Defiance. I may be wrong, but something tells me that halo 6 re addition of split screen may be too late.

    • Story is FUBAR, but if they add something fun people might come back.

      It’ll take more than split-screen to make me interested, though.

  • patriarchal landmine

    how about they just stop making first person shooters for consoles. I’ll never play them anyway.

  • Brad Donald

    Halo 4 was passable, but not as good as 3 and Reach/odst
    Halo MCC im still FURIOUS about that and how its still broken
    Halo 5 had a garbage story and as you pointed out the removed FRANCHISE STAPLE GAMEPLAY MODES. Plus that defense of BAD DECISIONS.

    I still play halo 1/2 on my original XBOX and Halo 3 and reach on the 360. I still have Halo 5 taking up its dumb 100 gigs on my HDD but I ask myself WHY often.

    • Well said. I think Halo 4 was mostly picking up on a lot of threads left behind by Bungie. 343 just had to finish what Bungie had already left open from the ending of Halo 3, which is probably why it gets a pass most times.

      But Halo 5 was all theirs, and oh boy did that stink.

      I don’t have much hope for Halo 6, but they’re going to need to go back and study Halo CE to understand why people fell in love with the franchise in the first place.