Immortal Planet Seeks Votes On Steam Greenlight

A new game has managed to turn heads on Steam’s community-curated service and this time around the latest Greenlight entry does not contain procedually generated stages. Instead the game, called Immortal Planet, features a different art style from other Greenlight games in a post-apocalyptic robotic factory featuring isometric combat and gameplay. The game by Teedoubleu Games, Immortal Planet, is set to release for PC starting Q2 of this year.

Immortal Planet may have its problems, but the game is at least trying something different in that it’s not a pixelated MS paint game or a Chinese scam VR title. The new title seeks to punish players who die, but at the same time allows the player to recover experiences lost upon death and use them to upgrade equipment and spells.

Using methodical combat, the player will need patience instead of fast reflexes to block, dodge and attack enemies. The reason behind patience is that stamina will play a big part in combat, so button mashing will not be a thing, however learning the enemy attack patterns will be key to winning battles, not unlike Dark Souls.

If you want to learn the story and the basic premise of Immortal Planet the official story sits below.

“On the icy surface of a forgotten planet stand ruined tombs where immortals sleep. While sleepless warriors roam the halls with their minds eroded by eternity, a lone Awakewalker emerges from cryosleep. With no memory of their past, it’s up to them to forge their future, discover the planet’s mysteries, and find a way out of this icy hell.”

Levels are designed around single checkpoints that you can explore, holding secrets, shortcuts, unlockables, and other means to progress.

Speaking of level designs and the game itself, the official trailer by Tomasz Wacławek sits below for you to look over.

An extended video of the first trailer can also be seen too and underneath this text for you to look over.

The game will sport bosses that are said to be “intense”. Each level in the game will hold a boss at he end, featuring powerful attacks with multi-stages.

I don’t know how this game will turn out on release, but if you want to help support the title you can by heading on over to Steam Greenlight, or you can learn more about Immortal Planet over at


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