King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword Trailer Goes For Blockbuster Moments
King Arthur Legend of the Sword - Nightmare
(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)

A new trailer was released for Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. The trailer clocks in at just two minutes. The trailer gives the impression of a very stylized take on the old King Arthur legend.

The trailer bounces back and forth between Arthur’s childhood and his present quest to reclaim the crown with the help of Excalibur. The visuals look pretty striking, but it’s hard to get a grasp on what the movie is trying to say in the trailer, other than that it has some great cinematic shots. You can check it out below, courtesy of Movieclip Trailers.

A lot of the comments are ragging on the film for being yet another retread of a tired and old story that’s been told many times in Hollywood.

Others were a bit miffed that the trailer didn’t seem to know where it was going and how it was trying to get there. In fact, a lot of people commented that the original Comic Con trailer for six months ago was a lot better than the trailer that was recently showcased. For comparison purposes, you can check out the original trailer that Warner Bros., aired back during Comic Con.

The visuals are, without a shadow of a doubt, breathtaking. But even in the second trailer, it’s still difficult to get a grasp on how the story unfolds. Maybe that’s for the best? Maybe it’s a story that doesn’t have all the typical paint-by-numbers narrative threads we’re used to from big blockbuster action flicks.

Either way, the newest trailer has a tough time deciding who it wants to be, where-as the second trailer seems to have slightly more coherency but still manages to be somewhat difficult to follow.

Guy Ritchie is really a hit and miss director for as far as I’m concerned, but we’ll see what he does with this classic tale when King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword hits theaters on May 12th.

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