Koei Tecmo Delays Attack On Titan: Escape From Certain Death

There’s sad but good news for visual novel fans who are looking forward to Attack on Titan: Escape From Certain Death. Koei Tecmo has announced that Ruby Party’s visual novel take on the brutal and popular AoT world, has been delayed.

I know, if you want the visual novel sooner than later unfortunately you will have to wait it out before getting your hands on the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title. I know this may be some sad news to some fans, but at the same time it also stands to be good news in that the game will release with fewer to zero problems.

The announcement for Attack on Titan: Escape From Certain Death’s delay can be seen over on gamecity.ne.jp. The site reveals the new release date, which is two months away from its original due date.

As seen above, the image from the site shows the new May 11th release date that stands to be different from the original March 30th release. As noted above, the delay was initialized to further the quality in the visual novel, which can be found on the site.

In other news regarding the visual novel and what players will be diving into, the game will see players as a member of the Survey corps investigating the outside wall. Trapped in an old castle, the team must escape from the ever approaching titans in a VN style adventure.

It is also worth mentioning that the story will not spoil anything, but will instead act as a new segment in the realm of AoT. The events that will take place in this game will start before the Female Titan, so hardcore fans looking for something different will most certainly find new stuff in this VN.

Attack on Titan: Escape From Certain Death is now set to come out in Japan on May 11th for Nintendo 3DS.


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