Koei Tecmo Reveals Nioh Opening Ahead Of Release

Nioh has finally rolled around and is playable for some to review, while others only have to wait a week until the game releases worldwide for fans to get their hands on the brutal game. However, ahead of the game’s release, Koei Tecmo has revealed the opening scene to Team Ninja’s game. The game itself is set to release for PS4 on February 7th in North America, February 8th in Europe, and February 9th in Japan.

Koei Tecmo has shared yet another scene from the upcoming hack-and-slash brutal game, Nioh. This time, after the previous reveal showing protagonist William Adams encountering Edward Kelly, we now see an array of scenes building up to a burning figure at the end.

The video runs for two minutes and six seconds in length and comes in by Koei Tecmo‘s channel.

For those of you who are unaware, the devs released a Last Chance demo pre-download via the PlayStation Store back on January 18th, which was playable from January 21st to January 22nd. This was reiterated on the PlayStation.blog detailing what folks could get from playing the demo.

Upon clearing the demo it would net participates a number of rewards that would carry over into the full version of the game. If you completed any of the tasks in the now expired demo, you would unlock the ability to use the special gear in the full game when it releases on February 7th.

The Ogress Headgear comes from clearing the Main Mission, whereas completing the Twilight Mission will reward folks the Mark of the Conqueror and the Mark of the Strong from last year’s Alpha and Beta sessions. Upon keeping the save data from the Last Chance trial, it will guarantee that you will get all of the above, which can be claimed in-game at the Boons near the shrines.

Nioh will release for PS4 on February 7th in North America, February 8th in Europe, and February 9th in Japan.


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