Lamplight City, Mystery Game Coming To PC In 2017

There is a new mystery game in the making by Grundislav Games. The game sees players assuming the role of a private investigator named Miles Fordham, who must find out who killed his partner and solve other mysteries along the way in Lamplight City. The indie mystery game is slated to hit PC sometime this year.

If you are into mystery games and solving crimes in an urban or populated city scene, developer Grundislav Games has a new game in the works entitled Lamplight City. The title mixes old literature and even draws inspiration from authors like Charles Dickens and Edgar Allen Poe into its core gameplay to create this old “alternate steampunk-ish Victorian past.”

As of this moment there are no videos or clips showing the title yet, but we do have some screenshots revealing different locations sprawled throughout the game. You can check out the screenshots for Lamplight City below.

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If the game looks interesting so far, the official story sits below for you to read over.

“For police detective turned private investigator Miles Fordham, Lamplight City’s shadowy corners are just part of the territory. But with his former partner constantly speaking to him from beyond the grave, his grip on sanity is slowly loosening. Can Miles find justice for his clients and track down his partner’s killer before his entire world comes apart?”

The game is set to have five cases to solve, each sporting their own suspects with multiple false leads, and consequences that can change the course of the mystery itself. The game, at its heart, is a single click interface and focuses heavily on gathering clues in your casebook to solve whichever case you’re investigating.

Furthermore, Lamplight City‘s fictional city is set to feature four boroughs to explore, each providing their own unique flare and challenge to overcome.

You can learn more regarding this game by hitting up Lamplight City is set to release for PC sometime this year.


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