Level-5 Will Delay Yo-Kai Watch: Gerapo Rhythm To 2017

The popular series of Yo-Kai Watch has branched out and has taken up multiple titles within the realm of its colorful and bright world. One game in particular in the Yo-Kai Watch series, entitled Gerapo Rhythm, will be delayed from March of 2017 to just 2017. This information was announced by Level-5 itself.

For those who aren’t in the know about the Yo-Kai Watch: Gerapo Rhythm the game, the mobile title was originally announced to release next month for iOS and Android devices over in Japan. The game sees players keeping up a rhythm to a beat of a song and must tap on their screen to get a designated amount of score.

In addition to the above the game tasks players with forming their own band from different Yo-Kai to assemble whatever seems amusing, and then take the stage to perform. While playing a song and tapping to it an Appeal Time will show up allowing one of the Yo-Kai in the band to perform some sick moves.

Well, according to Level-5’s official Japanese site the team has announced that all of the stuff above will be delayed and will not come out during March, but sometime later this year in 2017.

Now, you may be thinking why? Well, the team wanted quality or more detail put into the game instead of releasing the game in a glitchy and unfinished state. I’m assuming there are some major problems floating around as of this moment, which the game itself will likely come out in the following months.

Western folks who are into games like Gerapo Rhythm will sadly have to wait as of this moment to get their hands on the game, seeing how Yo-Kai Watch: Gerapo Rhythm has no Western release nor does it have an official Japanese date either.

The game, Yo-Kai Watch: Gerapo Rhythm, will be for iOS and Android devices and will release sometime later this year.

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