Light Apprentice, Mobile Game Coming To Steam March 16th

Gamers on iOS and Android devices should recognize Amuza Media’s comic book game Light Apprentice. And if you thought the game was fun on mobile devices, you can prep to play it on PC when it lands on Steam Early Access on March 16th.

The comic book game named Light Apprentice mixes elements of action, adventure, RPG and QTE features in its core gameplay. This creates a genre that is seen on mobile platforms quite a bit, and will soon find its way on PC via Steam Early Access during the early-to-mid part of March.

The game follows a character named Nate, the Light Apprentice, who takes part of a journey to help save the world of Ethenia. During the adventurous journey to stop the corruption of the Yhrosian Empire, players will encounter various battles, collectibles, items to customize characters with and other features to evolve teammates.

Light Apprentice also contains a story that players can somewhat manipulate by picking optional story arcs that changes the overall adventure. The official description for this game sits below.

“The Comic GameBook in which you make choices and fight/spare your foes in turn-based challenges. Help Nate and his friends on their journey to revitalize the Planet!”

If you are heavy into game comic books and visual novels this may be something worth keeping an eye on, but if you want to further your knowledge on this game you can watch the trailer by Amazu Media.

If Light Apprentice is a game that looks like something worth playing it will release for PC via Steam Early Access on March 16th. Seeing how the game is free on mobile devices the PC version, too, should be free when its release date rolls around.

Lastly, the game is available to play for free on iOS and Android devices by hitting up the App Store and the Google Play store.


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