Monster Hunter XX Japanese Demo To Launch On February 15th

Are you like me and enjoy playing Monster Hunter games? There is good news for you if you do like playing the giant monster slaying game in that a demo will be releasing for the Nintendo 3DS on February 15th. Although the demo will only release in Japan the demo will give folks a month of play time ahead of its March 18th release date.

The best part about demos are that they allow gamers to play a game well ahead of its release, which allows those who played the demo to decide whether the game is worth picking up or just skipping out on entirely.

Speaking of demos, Capcom will release a playable build of the popular monster hunting game, which is set to drop next month, entitled Monster Hunter XX. The demo will feature a handful of stuff to do that most likely resembles the content in previous demos for Monster Hunter games.

If you are curious as to what will be in the demo you will find that the Brave Style and Renkin Style Hunting styles will be present, as well as the Meownter Beast transformation. If you like playing local multiplayer with friends you will be able to with up to four player in the demo. There will be three quests that will be playable: the Beginner Yian Kut-Ku hunt, Intermediate Barroth hunt, and the harder or Advanced Barioth hunt.

A video posted up by CapcomChannel is up for you to watch, which time stamps showing gameplay are given below:

Gameplay Highlights:

In addition to the demo, it will launch via the Nintendo eShop in Japan on February 15th. This release date comes from Capcom, which publication site Esuteru posted up detailing the above content. The actual game is set to debut on March 18th for 3DS owners.


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