Night In The Woods Gameplay Walkthrough

The new side-scrolling adventure game from Infinite Fall called Night In The Woods has managed to really find an audience right out of the gate thanks to its quirky story, inviting art-style and engaging gameplay. For gamers looking for a walkthrough, there’s one available that goes from start to finish.

Night in the Woods stars a college dropout named Mae Borowski, a black cat with a trend to wear hipster clothes. The Kickstarted indie title sees players attempting to get Mae to reconnect with friends and discover the old home town, but things seem a bit different and there’s a bit of a horror element to the night in the woods.

YouTuber Lacry has an 11 video playlist for Night in the Woods covering all the different locations and gameplay elements to help you get through the title in one piece. You can check it out below.

The game starts with Mae entering into Possum Springs at night. In order to exit the building you need to give the janitor a cola from the cola machine.

You can examine a bunch of stuff after exiting the bus station while hiking through the woods back home. Platform your way through the forest area into the next segment. You’ll need to jump on one of the logs until it causes a collapse.

Jump up on the broken down playground objects and tightrope across to get to the other side. A cop will escort Mae home after falling from the wire.

Once home, you can examine the stuff in the house, but the next segment won’t start until you go up into Mae’s room and go to sleep.

Head downstairs and talk to Mae’s mom.

Once the talking is done, go outside to start part 1.

You can run around and talk to all the residents along the block. If you head down the tunnel where the pretzel shop is and the trolly runs, you can talk to more animals. There’s a convenient store you can go into and talk to the foxy story clerk.

Talking to Gregg the fox will cue a cutscene and Mae will get back together for an old band practice. A music-rhythm game will ensue. It’s like Guitar Hero for autists.

More talking follows the music-rhythm mini-game

The kids will discover a severed arm and Mae will need to poke it with a stick.

Bea will drop Mae back off at home where Mae will talk to the pops about getting back in town.

Head upstairs and pop into bed again.

When Mae opens up the laptop to go online a bunch of malware ads will be located on the laptop, and Mae will need to seek out the help of Angus to get it fixed.

You can talk to Greg who will direct you to the video store where Angus works. The clerk will direct Mae to the place next door where Angus lives. In order to talk to Angus through the buzzer, press any of the buttons and then while the yellow spark crackles over the missing button for Angus and Gregg’s apartment, have Mae touch it to get electrocuted, and then you can talk to Angus.

Angus will give Mae a fix for the computer, so just head upstairs and activate the laptop.

Once the computer is fixed Gregg will inform Mae about a party in the forest and Angus will let Mae know that the Demontower game is installed on the USB drive as well. You can play the mini-game.

Once you clear the level you can exit the game and Mae will go to sleep.

Talk to Mae’s mom and then head to the store where Bea works to talk to Bea. Head back home to get ready for the party. More talking takes place and Mae gets drunk at the party. Bea will help Mae back home and reveal her mother died of cancer during senior year.

You’ll get to play Mae in a trippy dream sequence where you get to go around and vandalize things. Once the dream sequence ends the next day kicks into play.

During the next day you’ll need to hop onto your laptop and chat up your friends about the previous night. Head back downstairs and talk to Mae’s mom about the events of the previous night.

You can talk to the townsfolks on your way to the church where you can talk to Mae’s mother again. You can head outside to talk to the pastor, who is walking around in the woods. Once you get done talking to the pastor and she’s added to the journal, you can head back into town and climb up the telephone pole and tightrope up the buildings until you reach the window with the context marker where you can lift up the window and climb inside. You can climb inside and examine the storage room with the parade float material.

You can pet the rats inside of the float who aren’t doing anything.

Head down and talk to Angus and later talk to Gregg and you can start band practice with the rest of the group. This will start another music-rhythm mini-game.

You can also head to the mall with Bea and shoplift from a store while the clerk isn’t looking. Just wait for the clerk to look away to grab the belt buckle. You can also convince Bea to also steal while you chat up the store clerk.

More talking with Bea and pranking customers takes place before they head back home and Mae chats up her dad before going to bed.

Night in the Woods is available right now over on the Steam store for only $19.99.


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