Nightstar Rogue Wings Gets Greenlight For Steam

Developer Bruno Gruber, AKA Red Five, is the same developer behind Nebula Sole Survivor, an isometric action shooter game that gained attention on Steam Greenlight. But Now, the developer’s new game Nightstar: Rogue Wings is doing something completely different, using a squad based arcade flight system that is similar to Nintendo’s Star fox series.

Nightstar: Rogue Wings story follows Commander John Eastwood and his crew, an NPC controlled squad of three pilots that will help you in battle, known as The Nightstar. After Eastwood and his team escaped from the terror of the Absolute Unity, a hive-mind army controlled by a powerful artificial intelligence that has taken over the galaxy, the Nightstar team must fight back to save what’s left of humanity.

The graphics and special effects for Nightstar: Rogue Wings looks really cool, I love the art style, the ship designs, and the setup for the gameplay. You can choose between a standard third-person camera view or a zoomed in first person cockpit view for precision fire. The combat features fast-paced arcade style dogfights where you get up close and personal to take out enemy units, or focusing your firepower on a single unit to destroy enemy carrier ships.

It isn’t clear yet if you will be able to switch between the different ally pilots to manually use their ships to complete specific tasks, issue commands to get them to help you out to attack certain targets for you, or if they will act on their own to determine the best course of action to take out enemy ships, so we’ll have to wait and see as the game comes closer to launch and they provide further details. The below teaser trailer gives us a glimpse of the story and a little bit of the gameplay, so take a look at the video linked below.


Nightstar: Rogue Wings is scheduled for a mid-2017 release date. So far, early access beta testers have given the game positive feedback and said it is both fast-paced and fun to play. Nightstar: Rogue Wings has already been Greenlight by the Steam community, so now we just have to wait for the game to launch.

If you are interested in learning more, you can visit the Steam Greenlight page for further details and to follow the progress of the game.

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