Nioh First DLC, PvP Mode And Free Updates Detailed

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s brutal third-person action adventure game, better known as Nioh, will gain some new stuff in the near future. Adding on to that Koei Tecmo will induct William Adams into the game Musou Stars’ roster. Nioh is out now for PS4.

Thanks to publication site we learn quite a bit of stuff regarding Team Ninja’s action-adventure game Nioh. The site shines light on Koei Tecmo’s latest stream that ended not too long ago as of this writing.

The live stream covered all of the new stuff that Nioh will be receiving in its future, which consists of free updates that will bring forth new features and its very first DLC. Although I’m not much into DLC, if you happen to fancy downloadable-content it will bring new weapons, scenarios, guardian spirits, yokai, stages and characters to discover.

If you are like me and enjoy playing updates seeded via free updates you’ll find some stuff that you may or may not like. This includes the addition of high difficulty objectives that bring 10 types of missions, one of which is said to bring a boss rush-like feel to the game.

The other feature that some folks may or may not like comes in as the PvP mode. Depending on the netcode and how battles are fleshed out all depends on how this mode will turn out, but seeing that it comes in as a free update that players will not have to pay for is a step in the right direction — hopefully the devs just tend to the mode and address any bugs.

You can check out the live stream event that Koei Tecmo Channel posted up, which also contains the announcement of William Adams coming to Musou Stars.

I should also note that the first DLC will be named Dragon of Tohoku, which will launch in the late part of April. The second and third DLC will be named Japan’s Best Warrior and Peaceful and Tranquil.

Nioh is currently available right now for PS4.


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