Nioh Guide: Here’s How To Beat Okatsu, Obsidian, Oda And Kelly

Stuck in Nioh and need help trying top get through the brutal bosses in the game? In this guide folks will learn how to beat Okatsu, Obsidian, Oda and Kelly. As of right now the action-adventure game by Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja is out for PS4.

Getting straight into the meat we will look over how to beat four bosses in Nioh, which includes Okatsu, Obsidian, Oda and Kelly. Each video posted below comes in thanks to the YouTube channel PowerPyx, who shows how to beat each of them without dying.

We will start off with Okatsu. She is very quick and nimble when it comes to facing her and will often times throw you off with fast melee combos or throwing her knives to deal noticeable damage. A lot of her moves can put her around and about the room quite fast and will force you to be quick on your feet.

It’s suggested that you use light armor and a spear to hit her from a far to be an equal match. It’s also noted to use the Kato Spirit to recover you KI faster. This whole setup will allow you to focus on using the high stance so that you can keep her on the ground or break her form to keep her down. It’s also worth noting that when she starts glowing a yellow color she cannot take damage, so it’s best to avoid her for those couple of seconds.

The video showing the fight sits below.

The next guide deals with Obsidian the boss who is quite slow when wielding the axe. You can exploit his slowness by waiting for the axe segment to kick-in so that you can pour into him by using the mid-stance with a spear.

It’s best to keep up a one, two, or three hit pattern-like combo with Obsidian, because afterwards he will attack forcing you to either dodge or get hit. It’s also worth noting to steer clear of him when he pulls out the dual katanas due to the way he uses them — it is quite difficult trying to dodge his katana attacks.

The iconic man himself, Oda Nobunaga, primarily uses a sword with magic to bolster his damage output, making him a formidable opponent to those unprepared. Like in real life (according to old war manuscripts and so on) it’s best to use a spear against tough enemies because it gives you reach and control over your opponents, and in this case there’s no exception.

Upon selecting the mid-range stance with the spear it’s good to use two or three hit combos to chip away at his health. The method will eventually consume his KI making him vulnerable to finisher attacks (which will come in handy big time. It’s worth noting that you should dodge all of his attacks, except when Oda dashes forward you should dodge behind him. The final part in the fight with Oda will draw near when his life drops pretty low and will force you out of the fight, as seen below.

Last on this list is Kelley. Taking up the mid-stance with the Spear will increase your chance of depleting Kelley’s KI, which if you can do that he will be quite easy to face. Once he is depleted in KI he will barely be able to do much to you, which will allow you to gain the upper hand in the fight.

Avoid his snakes when he summons them to the field and wait for them to leave. Another thing worth noting is that he will try to grab you when he blocks, but when he fails to grab you it will leave him open for an attack.

A video showing how to beat Kelley is up for you to watch and sits below.

For more tips and tricks for this game you can hit up the PlayStation.Blog, which currently has a “25 Tips To Defy Death In Nioh” guide for newcomers.


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