Nioh Sells 1 million Copies Worldwide, New Title Update Adds Gold Armor
(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s Nioh turned out to be a surprise success. The game has managed to sell 1 million copies following its worldwide release on February 7th earlier this month.

It’s impressive because Nioh is a PS4 exclusive and most certainly a niche title, but it managed to move some mad units.

The news comes courtesy of the official Nioh Twitter account, which managed to pack in a lot within the confines of 140 characters.

Given the odd way the Japanese language works, they informed their fans that Nioh sold 100 sets of 10,000 copies. I know, it’s an odd expression but it still comes out to 1 million SKUs being sold worldwide for Nioh on the PS4.

They then go on to thank the gaming audience for their support and dedication toward Team Ninja’s new IP. They literally say “Everyone, truly thank you.”

The tweet (and yes, they manage to squeeze all of that into a single tweet) goes on to say that in commemoration of the sales milestone, they’ve added the new golden armor from the guardian Deva King into the title update for Nioh as a show of gratitude and appreciation for the fans’ support of the game.

They then direct everyone to check out the official website for more details on the title update and armor stats.

I’m just amazed at how much information the Japanese can squeeze into the 140 character tweets, where-as other languages are hamstrung with trying to find the right words to shorthand an expression into a single tweet.

Anyway, this is obviously good news for Koei Tecmo, proving that they’ve still got it and they still know how to make games that appeal to hardcore gamers. Long live gaming.

Nioh is available right now, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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  • durka durka

    Need money?

    1.Make souls knockoff
    2. ????
    3 profit

  • Migi

    now let the sequel commence! and offcourse a physical collectors edition, which is what the first was missing.

    • EroBotan

      i hope the sequel will feature character creation so i can play as girl .. and not a pS4 exclusive T___T

      • Migi

        But i do hope they don’t sacrifice the story simply to apeal to more ppl. They basically could make it so you can customize your character at the end of the story considering then the story won’t be tied to william and there won’t need to be made a whole new storyline or massive amount dialogue.

        Don’t get me wrong i don’t mind female characters in games it’s just nowadays they get shoehorned. Dark souls kinda does it simplistic with that i mean the main character has no dialogue so it means no extra cost for the Devs and at the same time no difference in story cause it’s not a specific story related to a certain character.

        • EroBotan

          character creation system won’t sacrifice story. A lot of RPGs with deep and good storyline feature character creation. And a lot did it without using the simplistic Dark Soul method.

          I think the only thing that’s going to be sacrificed is voice acting for the main character’s dialog.

          • Migi

            Sorry, but Ni-OH is based on a Akira Kurosawa script so it ain’t much of an option for this game. Also i do feel giving the protaganist a voice gives him/her more of a personality.

            As far as i recall the only RPG’s that do both genders at the same time are big budget games, mostly western games or they need to sacrifice content for it’s sake.

            Also, Dark souls makes it work because of it’s world and the characters in it, and it’s trying to tell that story with the cycle of life and death, it doesn’t try to convey the main characters story your choice might feel big but you care little for the person you design other some delusion that it’s you yourself.

          • EroBotan

            woah, calm down lol. No need to get so worked up and throw insult just because of a game XD

          • Migi

            I’m not trying to insult, i’m just very blunt in that way.
            I’m sorry if you feel insulted but it was more a generalization then being directed directly at you,

            Cause Most ppl want character creation cause they wanna identify themselves with their character.

            I feel that a fixed main character just makes it more memorable. not to mention the fan arts that comes from it, just look at B2 from Nier automata.

          • Disqusted

            I dunno about the fan art thing. Look up PSO2 fan art on Pixiv, there are tons of people drawing their original characters.

            Anyway, what you could do instead is have the option of playing as fixed character, or playing as customized. Best of both worlds.

          • Migi

            Only way the personal custimaztion works is if you characters has some sort of impact in the dialogue side and considering Ni-OH tries the old style where your stuck with one st ory line.

            I feel if you go for personal customization you kinda create a hollow character.

          • Disqusted

            Yeah, but even in the case of something like Ni-OH, I hear you can get the ability to transform into all the male NPCs. Wouldn’t hurt to let people transform into the female NPCs as well. Doesn’t affect the story.

            But really, knowing Koei Tecmo/Team Ninja and their love for DLC, I wouldn’t be surprised if they knew there’d be demand to play as Okatsu, and are intentionally going to sell it as DLC.

          • Migi

            I beat the game and i haven’t seen such an ability in the game. only things have been able to customize about the characters appearance are his beard and hair and that’s about it.

            3 DLC coming and it’s most likely gonna be fighting legendary battle’s and figures.

        • Disqusted

          Yeah, I hate shoehorning bullshit. And Dark Souls does a great job with having story but not obnoxiously shoving it in your face like other games do.

          I’m so sick and tired of how most games nowadays force you to endure some lengthy story/dialogue bullshit. It’s especially obvious on second playthrough, when you can’t enjoy the game because you’re forced to go through the story again.

  • Disqusted

    Will buy if they update with the ability to disguise(?) as Okatsu. Did some searching online and saw a lot of people who want it, both in the West and in Japan. There’s speculation that it’ll be added as DLC, although nothing seems to suggest that it’ll happen, as far as I’m aware.

    Off-topic incoming cancer, from a site that copy-pasted from SJW site Wired:

    A Google offshoot called Jigsaw declared war on trolls, launching a project to defeat online harassment using machine learning. Now, the team is opening up that troll-fighting system to the world.

    On Thursday, Jigsaw and its partners on Google’s Counter Abuse Technology Team released a new piece of code called Perspective, an API that gives any developer access to the anti-harassment tools that Jigsaw has worked on for over a year. Part of the team’s broader Conversation AI initiative, Perspective uses machine learning to automatically detect insults, harassment, and abusive speech online. Enter a sentence into its interface, and Jigsaw says its AI can immediately spit out an assessment of the phrase’s “toxicity” more accurately than any keyword blacklist, and faster than any human moderator.

    ^ They say “trolls” but I’m sure what they mean is “anyone we don’t like”, and anything against the SJW narrative will surely be considered 100% toxic.

    • Don’t forget “hate speech”

      • Disqusted

        I hear Google has also started delisting sites for bullshit reasons. Orwell must be turning in his grave.

    • EroBotan

      i’m hoping that it will backfire seeing that tons of SJW loves insulting others too, especially when you beat them in an argument!

      and yeah will love okatsu!!