Nioh Sells 1 million Copies Worldwide, New Title Update Adds Gold Armor

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s Nioh turned out to be a surprise success. The game has managed to sell 1 million copies following its worldwide release on February 7th earlier this month.

It’s impressive because Nioh is a PS4 exclusive and most certainly a niche title, but it managed to move some mad units.

The news comes courtesy of the official Nioh Twitter account, which managed to pack in a lot within the confines of 140 characters.

Given the odd way the Japanese language works, they informed their fans that Nioh sold 100 sets of 10,000 copies. I know, it’s an odd expression but it still comes out to 1 million SKUs being sold worldwide for Nioh on the PS4.

They then go on to thank the gaming audience for their support and dedication toward Team Ninja’s new IP. They literally say “Everyone, truly thank you.”

The tweet (and yes, they manage to squeeze all of that into a single tweet) goes on to say that in commemoration of the sales milestone, they’ve added the new golden armor from the guardian Deva King into the title update for Nioh as a show of gratitude and appreciation for the fans’ support of the game.

They then direct everyone to check out the official website for more details on the title update and armor stats.

I’m just amazed at how much information the Japanese can squeeze into the 140 character tweets, where-as other languages are hamstrung with trying to find the right words to shorthand an expression into a single tweet.

Anyway, this is obviously good news for Koei Tecmo, proving that they’ve still got it and they still know how to make games that appeal to hardcore gamers. Long live gaming.

Nioh is available right now, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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