Open Discussion: February 27th, 2017
(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)

I think it’s about time… time for an Open Discussion to land on OAG and let you, the community, talk and say whatever it is that comes to mind in the comment section. These Open Discussions will not promote censorship, so whatever comes to mind will stay, like in any other article/post.

Billy and I (Ethan) had a little talk about an Open Discussion — which if you don’t know, an Open Discussion is for people just to talk about whatever it is that comes to mind or bring informative information to the author(s) or readers to gab over — and we thought it was about time one of these to land on One Angry Gamer.

In our Open Discussions we will not stand for censorship, so whatever it is that you have to say or post we will accept it like in any other of our articles/posts. I should note that Disqus or WordPress may try to censor you if you don’t fit into their narrative, however we will approve any comment(s) that faces censorship or becomes flagged to keep free speech going.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you want to go off topic on an Open Discussion you are more than welcome to. If there is a pressing event that you want us (the OAG team) to know about, or other readers, go for it and post it up. This includes games, mods, politics, TV shows, movies, GamerGate, the lying MSM, or whatever it is that comes to mind will be accepted below.

From now on, although this Open Discussion is an exception due to me being a bit late, all Open Discussions will be posted on Sundays. So if you want to chime in, every week an Open Discussion will go up and you will be able to shoot your thoughts and ideals in the comments below.

So with that said… sound off.

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  • Disqusted

    Can’t think of anything interesting to say. Was going to say, “the media sure lies a hell of a lot”, but that’s not particularly new or interesting. Fake news!

    I’m looking forward to New Minna no Golf (Everybody’s Golf) and Disaster Report 4. Shame I can’t enjoy NMnG’s online stuff because I don’t want to pay for PS Plus or whatever the hell it’s called. Disaster Report 4 is coughing out a VR demo soon. Would have preferred a non-VR demo instead.

    Trailers for New Minna no Golf, if anybody actually cares:

    Here’s a small collection of My Summer Vacation articles, for the hell of it:
    Shame there aren’t more games like it. There was recently a new one announced for cell phones, but the fact that it’s a cell phone game already sounds like it’s going to be fail.

  • Ghost

    Will Cortana ever be sexy again? And will she finally admit her love for me when I ask her on my computer’s Cortana app?

    • RichardGristle

      She’s too strong and independent for all that.

      Unless you alter the files that she depends on!

  • Hawk Hopper
    Don’t watch or support the corporate media. If you need to view or share one of their articles, use

    H3H3 is still being sued for hurting fee fees. Also, holy fuck, over $50k for ONE month of lawyer expenses. The legal system is a racket.

    I didn’t watch the Oscars because I really don’t give a shit.

    Sweden is under Muslim invasion.

    That’s all.

  • Smug

    this fucking upcoming zelda game

    >get free shit (magneto power, unlimited bombs that can be detonated
    remotely, ice power on water zones, ZA WARUDO power, etc) in the
    “tutorial” section, right at the beginning of each mini temple
    >open world AAA formula
    >game overs = free hearts. You literally get spawned 5 seconds from
    where you previously died, thanks to checkpoints, with your health bar
    full. No consequences for being a dumbfuck (and remember Hard Mode is
    behind a DLC/Season Pass paywall)
    >voice acting
    >obvious lack of music background
    >this fucking story

    blender of the century incoming

    • Disqusted

      Are those all true?? What the hell.

      • Smug

        WiiU version got leaked (and work on CEMU too) and I got to see a stream earlier (the guy playing was dsp in disguise)

        • Disqusted

          Haha. And here I thought Skyward Sword was shit. Nice to see Nintendo exceeding my expectations. Not.

          • Smug

            Want another news?

            Devs can easily opt out TV mode on their games for the Switch. Take account of the abysmal battery and reduced clock speed in portable mode, and you get to understand that the system is actually the worst of both worlds.

          • Disqusted

            Wouldn’t touch Switch with a ten foot pole anyway. It’ll probably get emulated within the next year or two. Not that there’s anything on it that I care about.

          • but gimmick

          • Nintendo can shove their [email protected]$$ gimmicks right up their ass. They haven’t made a good console since the ‘Cube.

          • Disqusted

            B, but AMIIIIIBOOOOOOOOO

            I hate amiibos.

    • RichardGristle
      • Disqusted

        Zelda playable or not interested. Also, probably needs an eyebrow mod.

        ZOMG Chrono Trigger reference!!

  • GodBowser

    I recently watched a video called The Rise (and Fall) of Indie Gaming on YouTube and there was this part in the video where Nut Job Wu was hoping that a major company would be interested in buying her failed abortion of a game studio and that made me wonder how delusional she really is and would she be delusional enough to see other SJW’s as being beneath her

    • that made me wonder how delusional she really is and would she be delusional enough to see other SJW’s as being beneath her

      Let’s face it, Brianna Wu is delusional enough to think that he’s a woman.

    • Disqusted

      You know some stupid company is going to snatch them up, just so they can boast being “diverse”.

  • And since I’m on this air combat kick, I wonder if the people here at OAG might consider doing a “best air combat games” kind of thing? Maybe have a poll first and an article later, so that it’s games that are chosen by the users?

    I’d like to nominate Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge for this, if it ever comes to pass.

    • Nick

      Gosh darn it I loved Crimson Skies! >:0
      Good idea. I haven’t played enough Flight sim games though to properly contribute.

  • Regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda, I see that one of the staff at Bioware has said that it will be “Totally Softcore Space Porn”, and you can apparently romance virtually anyone you like in it.

    Do the female characters come with an option of having paper bags on their heads?


    • Yeah I’ll throw something up for that in a bit. Who cares if they add in more sex when it’s sex with people you don’t want to bang?

    • EroBotan

      i don’t think so but i do hope that someone will mod the paperbags in 😀

      • It’s on Frostbite, so mods seem unlikely, but we’ll see.

        • EroBotan

          so sad … T__T

          I guess bioware is really determined to make gamers fuck the unfuckables ..

          • Disqusted

            That should be the game’s tag line.
            “Mass Effect: Andromeda
            -Fuck the Unfuckable-“

          • EroBotan

            that’s a good one XD

  • I’ve been playing Sky Rogue a LOT lately, mostly because it’s hit its first Beta release, which was covered here on One Angry Gamer. And while I was always aware that the Kondor Light Bomber was always at least a decent dogfighter, it wasn’t until recently that I have come to realize that it’s actually really damned deadly in turning dogfights.

    Let’s not kid ourselves: any actual Fighter will hand the Kondor its ass in a dogfight, there’s no way around that. But that doesn’t reduce the fact that it still has pretty good overall flight characteristics: Its acceleration rating(how quickly the aircraft can change speed) starts at 0.25, and goes up by 0.05 with each upgrade to a maximum of 0.35 at Mk.III. That’s slightly better than the acceleration of a stock Rogue. The turning rating starts at 50, which is equal to the Rogue, though it only goes up by 5 each upgrade to 60 at Mk.III; that’s still equal to a maxed out Falke Light Interceptor. And while the speed is lower than average at 8000, that’s still not terrible as it’s equal to the Drakon Heavy Fighter; and it goes up 500 each upgrade to 9000 at Mk.III, which is equal to a stock Rogue.

    But the big kicker is the sheer toughness of the thing. It starts off with 200 health stock, which goes up 150 points each upgrade to max out at 500 on a Mk.III Kondor. That’s right: It starts off basically matching the Drakon’s flight performance in all areas, and winds up with 25% more health once fully upgraded.

    Combine all of this with just enough loading capacity to equip some rather dangerous weapons(I myself prefer to run the Twin Vulcan{two machine guns in one weapon slot}, Cobra missiles{longer ranged infrared missile; can only lock onto the rear of enemy aircraft, but very fast and agile} and two sets of Estoc heavy rockets{slow and inaccurate, but powerful unguided rockets perfect for flattening ground targets or bringing down enemy Carriers[actually blimps with runways on the top of them] and Corvettes[large flying battleships that can launch two enemy fighters at a time and have six defensive anti-air emplacements]}), and the Kondor can really take enemies by surprise.

    • Ethan42

      Cool! I’ve been meaning to get around to Sky Rogue one day.

      But I have one question, seeing that you like arcade jet-flying games, do you like War Thunder?

      • I gave War Thunder a shot once. Quite a while back, though.

        Didn’t much care for it, if I’m honest.

        • Ethan42

          During the early days of War Thunder the game was quite fun, but now it turned into a weird mess.

          But aside from Ace Combat 7, is there any other game that you have on your radar?

          • Not really, if I’m honest. I’m just going to steer clear of Mass Effect: Andromeda, since BioWare’s gone straight to $#!+ ever since ME2 came out.

            And I haven’t really seen much of anything else out there to be excited for. I’m thinking about getting a few games that have already been out for a while, though. Mainly Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and the new DooM game. Might get Titanfall 2 as well.

          • Ethan42

            Definitely get the new Doom, as for Titanfall 2 I’ve never been that intrigued by it. I see a lot of people say that it’s fun, though.

          • What I’d really like to see is more racing games on the horizon, if I’m honest. Especially ones that aren’t simulators. I enjoy DiRT 2, because it’s not trying to be fully true to life, and it’s not having me set ten million settings on my car in nanometer increments.

            *sigh* Why can’t we have a new Ridge Racer or something?

          • Ethan42

            I would also like to see other new titles in the series of F-Zero, Extreme G, Jet set Radio and Quantum Redshift. I think that those games brought some interesting stuff to the racing field.

          • Gozu Tennoh

            Namco did a poll ages back about what people want a new Ridge Racer to be like (Type 4 won) so hopefully we’ll see something soon.

  • Muten

    Worries about mass effect andromeda:

    1. Apparently you can max out every biotic, tech and soldier path/skills/perks in a single playthrough (no class identity). Maybe they will limit the number of powers you can bring like before, i believe it was eight or ten in the first games.

    2. Story and themes are hitting familiar territories. New ancient aliens (not the protheans), new big space-goo menace (not the reapers), crew members, flirts, a dr. chakwas equivalent, a new asari schoolar like liara, a new krogan warrior like rex, and a newly discover alien race as a companion like javik.

    3. Dificulty scaling. Since is a open world and theres a gathering and crafting component to the weapon system, including the ability to make mods, i fear the game at highter dificulties will become a bullet sponge feast like boderlands, fallout 4 or even the division.

    4. Enemy variety. This was a problem with the first games, but i wonder if it will become more obvious by the fact that is a open world game.

    Anyways these are my worries lol.

    • Enemy variety isn’t my worry. I’ve seen a fairly diverse group of enemy NPCs in the few trailers they’ve released. My worry is the enemy AI. The AI has looked like pure trash from what I’ve seen so far and nothing they’ve showcased seems to indicate that the AI will be tactical, smart or adaptive to player engagement. The only thing worse than a lack of enemy variety are stupid enemies.

    • Disqusted

      Sounds like what Resident Evil 5 was to 4. They essentially took 4, swapped in new assets, slapped in co-op, and BAM! Done.