Open Discussion: February 27th, 2017

I think it’s about time… time for an Open Discussion to land on OAG and let you, the community, talk and say whatever it is that comes to mind in the comment section. These Open Discussions will not promote censorship, so whatever comes to mind will stay, like in any other article/post.

Billy and I (Ethan) had a little talk about an Open Discussion — which if you don’t know, an Open Discussion is for people just to talk about whatever it is that comes to mind or bring informative information to the author(s) or readers to gab over — and we thought it was about time one of these to land on One Angry Gamer.

In our Open Discussions we will not stand for censorship, so whatever it is that you have to say or post we will accept it like in any other of our articles/posts. I should note that Disqus or WordPress may try to censor you if you don’t fit into their narrative, however we will approve any comment(s) that faces censorship or becomes flagged to keep free speech going.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you want to go off topic on an Open Discussion you are more than welcome to. If there is a pressing event that you want us (the OAG team) to know about, or other readers, go for it and post it up. This includes games, mods, politics, TV shows, movies, GamerGate, the lying MSM, or whatever it is that comes to mind will be accepted below.

From now on, although this Open Discussion is an exception due to me being a bit late, all Open Discussions will be posted on Sundays. So if you want to chime in, every week an Open Discussion will go up and you will be able to shoot your thoughts and ideals in the comments below.

So with that said… sound off.

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