OZCore: MMO Engine Creator Coming To PC Via Steam March 20th

To be honest I’m not sure how this project will turn out on release seeing how it comes from Steam Greenlight, but if it holds true to being an actual MMO/FPS/RPG creator for newcomers and vets, then I think that folks looking to create games, and their own engines, will find hope in OZ-Network’s OZCore: MMO Engine.

As we already know now, which has been established for the umpteenth time, Steam Greenlight can bring forth works of burning septic garbage, or it can bring games that tackle interesting topics, mechanics and resurrect content from a bygone era that would be deemed too inappropriate for some platforms.

With that said, what we have here is a program/editor for gamers to create MMOs, new game engines, first-person shooters and other types of genres with the help of OZCore: MMO Engine. The official description sits below.

OZCore It is a network engine for games developed on Unity / NeoAxis / other C# game engines. Our solution allows you to create games of any complexity – MMO RPG / FPS / MOBA and other games.”

I bet you are thinking “how does one create their own engine?” Well, according to the devs you can pick from a list of standard engines featured, or you can write your very own.

OZCore: MMO Engine also provides functions and features to add to your game like logging-in, account registration, banning, premium accounts, currencies, points, ranks, EXP, clan registration, clan editing, updating clans, deleting clans and much more.

Something that is noted by the devs is that their solution allows for handling well over 1,000 players on a shard. So if that kinda stuff matters to you, well at least you now know.

Before signing out, I should note that the game will release on PC via Steam Early Access on March 20th. An old video snippet is up for you to look over if you want to know how it looks.


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