Payday 3 Currently In The Design Phase, Release Date TBA
Payday 3

Overkill Software has done a complete 180 after the microtransaction debacle a couple of years ago. After trying to pull a fast one on the gaming audience, they suffered a major pushback from their audience. Eventually they listened and managed to turn things around by removing the microtransactions. The community ended up loving them again, and Payday 2 began making enough money that Overkill decided to go and announce that they’re already in the middle of working on Payday 3.

The news originally went out via a simple tweet by the official Payday Twitter account. You can check it out below, where the account simply mentioned Payday 3.

This was followed by a series of excited responses from the community, plenty of reaction gifs, and lots of questions.

Many people were curious where the game fit in with Overkill Software’s current line-up of titles. Some asked if this meant Payday 2 was finished. However, the Overkill account revealed that they would still be working on Payday 2 content. This also led people to question if this meant the Walking Dead game was still in development. The Overkill account confirmed that The Walking Dead game was still in development. Finally, people were curious where in the pipeline would this put Payday 3?

The Twitter account responded…

So basically, the game is in the design phase, which means that they’re implementing and working on actual content. How far into the design phase are they? We don’t know. And due to the fact that we don’t know where they are in the design phase, the Twitter account simply let everyone know that Payday 3’s release date would be TBA… so they’ll announce it when they announce it, and the game will be released when it’s done.

Oh yeah, and someone suggested that Overkill scale back on some of the DLC during the initial launch of Payday 3.

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