Pine Announced For PC, Features Persistent Open-World Adventure
(Last Updated On: February 26, 2017)

TwirlBound recently unveiled a new third-person adventure game called Pine. Players take on the role of a shy young lad named Hue, who ends up befriending some moose men on the island of Albamare. He helps them hunt, gather food and fight large monsters.

Pine is a mixture of adventure gameplay and emergent survival elements. Unlike other adventure titles out there, Pine is designed to adapt to your play-style. As you fight, hunt, survive and explore, the game’s AI will modify its behavior to react to what you’re doing. TwirlBound is also promising a reactive, persistent world that evolves and moves forward even without player interactions.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the teaser prototype trailer below.

This game reminds me a lot of games from the PS2 era. The console was ripe with a variety of different adventure titles and many of them were whimsical and fantasy-based, something that was sorely missed during the PS3 era where grim-dark was the order of the day. For the PS4… I have no idea what sort of identity Sony has been aiming for, but the console still lacks a lot of fun, lighthearted adventure games.

Sure, there was Knack, but for the most part they’ve tried centering on “mature” titles to flesh out the PS4’s library.

In the case of Pine, the game will take players across the fantasy island, solving puzzles, fighting large monsters, exploring the snowy mountain regions and acquiring new equipment.

There’s a bit of a Legend of Zelda vibe emanating from the game, which is pretty cool. At the moment the developers are seeking upvotes over on Steam Greenlight. They want to get the game up and out onto the Steam store before Steam Direct kicks into gear. Additionally, they have plans on launching a Kickstarter for Pine on March 9th.

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