Pixel Shinobi: Nine Demons Of Mamoru Enters Greenlight

With Steam Greenlight days being numbered as if it has an assassin slowly creeping up to take it out, trash is hitting the platform at full force with no shame. However it seems that indie developer named Shinobi wants to use the platform as it was intended to be used for, and bring an actual functioning game to others via Greenlight.

If all goes well, the PC game Pixel Shinobi: Nine Demons of Mamoru is set to release during September of this year. That will only happen if the game passes through Greenlight, which indie dev Shinobi recently took to so that the game could get some exposure.

For some the game may just be another indie pixel title, but for Greenlight standards as of recent — Poop in My Soup 2 I’m looking at you, among others — this game is a fresh breath of air compared to the tumultuous entries.

As far as gameplay and features go, Pixel Shinobi has some depth to it without having to rely on randomly generated garbage, which means that the lone dev had to create all of the stuff by hand and actually work it into the game. This also means that he put forth effort to make the project.

You will be able to craft well over 200 recipes and items that can help you throughout the game, and level up through RPG elements that bring forth a nice sized skill tree. This means Pixel Shinobi has a little progression system for players to work towards when things start to get a little bland.

In total there will be 50 levels spread through 10 chapters that hold five levels. I’m not sure if each level offers something different in design or if they all resemble each other in a lazy fashion. The fact that each stage is handcrafted (with sneaking in mind) and functions without proceduarlly generated content only means that this game is doing the opposite of other Greenlight games, which is a good thing.

The game will also feature 10 bosses with unique patterns and abilities that you will need to learn to beat. After beating a stage or a boss, you will be sent back to town to sell/buy or equip whatever gear was found in the previous stage to take on the next stage or boss.

The video trailer for Pixel Shinobi: Nine Demons of Mamoru sits below.

You can learn more about the game by hitting up Pixel Shinobi’s Facebook page, or you can vote for the game by heading on over to Steam Greenlight.