PlayStation Now For PS3, PSTV, PS Vita Ends April 1st, 2017
PS TV - PlayStation Now
(Last Updated On: February 16, 2017)

Sony announced that the PlayStation Now service will cease for PS3, PlayStation Vita starting April 1st, 2017. Not only that, but according to the PlayStation Blog, the PlayStation Now service will also cease operating on PlayStation TV, Sony’s smart TVs, and Samsung’s smart TVs.

The cessation of the PlayStation Now service is no big surprise for the lesser popular platforms. In fact, Sony is taking the service shutdown a bit further by also announcing that 2016 models of the Sony Bravia TVs will also be discontinued on April 1st.

On the page, they tell Bravia owners to disable their auto-renewal subscriptions before April to avoid being charged for PlayStation Now.

• PlayStation 3
• PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV
• All 2013, 2014, 2015 Sony Bravia TV models
• All Sony Blu-ray player models
• All Samsung TV models

Sony is pushing for users to switch over to use the PlayStation Now service for PC and PS4. If you don’t have a PC that can run PlayStation Now? Sucks to be you. Don’t want to buy a PS4? Too bad, you don’t have much of a choice.

PlayStation Now is essentially limiting its use to the two most popular platforms. Axing the service on PS Vita makes me think that eventually they might be calling it quits on the handheld. Sony’s been having trouble getting their portable devices off the ground to compete effectively against Nintendo’s DS and 3DS.

It doesn’t seem to bode well for the future of PlayStation Now given that the high price of subscription and the fact that it relies on cloud streaming to offer gamers the only form of backwards compatibility for the PS4. It’s a shame that Sony didn’t just offer real backwards compatibility like Microsoft did for the Xbox One.

I tend to doubt this move will affect too many users since it seems unlikely that a lot of smart TV owners would use their television to stream old PS3 games by the cloud, especially when it would just be cheaper to buy PS3 and bundled used games from eBay for the same price. But even still, for people who did enjoy using their TVs for such functionality… it’s now gone.

In a separate post they also noted that the PlayStation Video would also be coming to an end on April 12th, which was available for certain Sony Bravia TVs.

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  • Disqusted

    I hate how companies can just decide to end support and force you to buy some new shit despite the old shit working perfectly fine.

  • Streaming games might work for PC, but just didn’t make sense on a game console where you could download most of your soft games to keep anyway.
    They wanted their own Steam, and it went up in smoke.

  • SevTheBear

    Let’s hope PS5 can play PS4 games so that console Gamers don’t have to deal with this kind crap.

    • Smug

      too bad
      no hdd available, everything is tied to a cloud server
      buying games? silly goy you only rent them
      dont forget you have to rent dlcs and season pass too

      next on the Playstation 5 for only 499.99$

      • SevTheBear

        If that’s happens it will be the end of Sony xD

        I know they are doing bad in the movie department, but let’s hope the gaming division has learned a few things about bad ideas from that 😛

    • I doubt their will be a PS5.

      • SevTheBear

        Time will tell. The PS4 has sold pretty well, so I doubt it will stop them from making a PS5. The rumors says we could see it in 2020.

        • It’s not really a money thing. Sony has been wanting to get out of the console business for a while now. That why when anyone asked about a PS5 Sony said that their might not be one as they see cloud streaming as a replacement but seeing how Psnow is a failure who knows.